Prayer need urgent!

Please, pray for my salvation. I have sin today in a horrible way. It was a “looking forward” sin type. I didn’t avoid it. I didn’t did anything to avoid it, I even look forward to it sending pic and sending answers in text messages. I have been trying to get closer to God. I have been praying, fasting, reading the Bible, taking time to pray and read the Bible with my kids… I did wrong. I did ask forgiveness already but I just feel God is not listening because I didn’t avoid the sin and I even look forward to sin. My whole life have been a life of sin, although I have been born and raised in the Gospel. I am so stupid, so stubborn, so unfaithful to God. I am not loyal and after months of getting closer to Him and threw all the advance made in on day, in one afternoon. So stupid and unwise; even though I received information I have been asking God to give me I don’t know if that info is correct because it came from the man (also Christian, and going to Church, and trying very hard of not sin too) I was with. A married man. Again! Infeel so stupid and bad. I am so mad with myself. I served as a wall between that man and God, even though he started all I did nothing to stop it. I am single but I am Christian and want to be holy in Him. I want salvation and I don’t want to stay behind when Jesus came for the Church in the rapture. Also, I have been praying for other people and fasting for others to come to Christ jncluding for me and my family that we haven’t lived as the Bivle says. We havn’t been Christian like Paul and the Apostles were. Grrrr…. I was so stupid. I am in love with a co-worker with whom I held a “secret” relationship for some for 1 year and 7 months. He is not christian, he is a freemason, but he is a very good man and I have been praying for him and for his kids and family. And now…because of my sin nothing that I have done all this time was for good and all were thrown to the trash just because of my sin I have done and commit today.

Please, pray for me. For my family. For that man and his family. We did not had the time to get in bed but that was the intention but time only allow us to kiss and just foreplay a little witg clothes on. But the intention was there from borh aidea even though he started it. I need prayer. He needs prayer. I want a good man, I want to be save, I want to be a good example to my kids and I want to bring others to Christ too. I throw all tge cross represent to the trash today, I need forgiveness of God and restoration. Please, please… help me pray for me first, for him, for my family, for the man I was dating that apparently now he after broking up with me is with someelse from the office too. I was in sin with him too and prayed to God in November last year to take out of my life everyone and everything that separates me from Him. I want to ve close to God and that my kids loves the Lord. I don’t want first sex or boyfriends or money, I want to be a real Christian like Paul were. Because of my sin today, all the progress to holiness that I had accomplished in turned to nothing, and if Jesus come today for the Church I will be left behind and if I die I will be burning in hell instantly. I sin, I regret it. I asked forgiveness but I feel like God is not listening because I have sinned and asked for forgiveness many times now. So, please, pray for me and for that man and for my kids and for the man I was dating not for him to come to me but for him to come to the Lord and today’s man for forgiveness for him and for blessings for his wife and family. Thanks.

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These posts are submitted by visitors to our website who are asking for prayer on the Praywall. To submit your prayer request or praise report, click here.