Inside WCGB

A local pastor preaching during his live show from our WCGB studios.

From a small town just outside Ponce, WCGB covers the southern part of the island.  Every weekday, WCGB breaks away from the main network for hours of powerful local, live programs in Spanish.

This station was founded over 40 years ago by Grace Broadcasters. The missionary Lawrence Trumbower built the place from scratch. At the time, its format was 100% Spanish. It carried a greater mix of music, politics, sports, and cultural programs than it does today. WCGB was also known as a place where people who wanted to “break in” to radio could find a job. Many influential people in media today–Christian and secular–fondly recall learning radio at this little station in Juana Díaz. WCGB was affectionately known as “Radio Iniciativa.” The Rock Radio Network acquired WCBG in 2004. When the station switched hands, the faithful staff chose to stay. Listeners are glad to hear familiar voices, and The Rock benefits by the

Madeline Burgos checking the automation equipment

experience of the godly, dedicated workers there. Lawrence, with the support of his wife Barbara, brings his invaluable experience as our Chief Network Engineer. His wit, wisdom, and skill often puts us back on the air when something goes wrong! Also, Madeline and the other faithful servants in Juana Díaz are just as important as the people in San Juan who spend more time on the air.  From the three hours per day that they broadcast locally, to the innumerable challenges of keeping a station on the air, they labor behind the scenes and on the air to keep WCGB blanketing Ponce and South Puerto Rico with God’s truth.

WCGB broadcasts with a daytime power of 5,000 watts.  It enjoys a potential listener range of about 900,000 people.  For more detailed information and a coverage map, click here.