Inside WBMJ

Scene in the studio at WBMJ
A typical scene from one of our live programs in the WBMJ studio

WBMJ is housed in our seven-story building in downtown San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Most of the network programming originates from here.  Busy day and night, the studio facilities include two on-air studios as well as two recording studios.  Volunteers, staff, pastors from across the community, program hosts, and interns work to produce the programming that goes out over The Rock Radio Network.  From this building, the programming is sent by microwave relay to the WBMJ transmitter in Guaynabo, the WIVV transmitter in Vieques, and the WCGB transmitter in Juana Díaz.  It’s also where the Internet stream originates.

WBMJ staff often attend events in the community – pictured here, Maria Nieves (staff, left) and a couple of volunteers working the Prayer Table at the Puerto Rico Coffee Expo at the Convention Center in San Juan.

WBMJ was originally a rock music station founded by musician and comedian Bob Hope.  In 1986, it passed into the hands of Calvary Evangelistic Mission and shortly thereafter began broadcasting in an all Christian format.  Then a year later it began simulcasting with WIVV in what is now The Rock Radio Network.

The Bible Correspondence School of the Caribbean is also housed in this building and features free Bible lessons that are sent all over the world to thousands of students.

WBMJ transmits at a daytime power of 10,000 watts.  It covers the entire San Juan Metro area, from Dorado to Río Grande and the Fajardo area.  This area includes at least 1.5 million potential listeners.


WBMJ building
View on Ponce de León Avenue in Santurce of the WBMJ studio facilities as of June, 2016.

View of the WBMJ Transmitter site in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.  The station broadcasts a directional 10,000 watt signal covering most of the San Juan Metro area.

Transmitter site of WBMJ (AM-1190) Barrio Camarones, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Our WBMJ Transmitter site