Who we are

So what is The Rock Radio Network?

A volunteer runs the equipment in our main San Juan studio

We are a three-station AM radio network based out of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  We are a ministry of Calvary Evangelistic Mission, Inc. (CEM)

Our purpose is to help Christians grow in the Word of God so they can reach the world around them with the Gospel of Christ. As the saying goes, “Shepherds don’t make more sheep – sheep make more sheep.” To that end, we broadcast Bible teaching that helps Christians grow into a deeper understanding of the Word.

The Rock Radio Network operates as part of Calvary Evangelistic Mission, which has been working in the Caribbean since 1953. For more about the history of this ministry, and to meet our cofounders Dr. Donald D. Luttrell and his wife Ruth, click here.

On the air during Prayathon!

WBMJ AM-1190 San Juan
WCGB AM-1060 Juana Díaz/Ponce
WIVV AM-1370 Vieques

From our studios in sunny downtown San Juan, Puerto Rico, the Rock Radio Network serves a giant chunk of the Caribbean in two languages: English and Spanish.

Inside WBMJ:
From the capital of Puerto Rico, our San Juan radio station covers the sprawling metroplex.  Housed in our seven-story building on Ponce de León Avenue, this place serves as the hub of the Network.  Always humming with activity, WBMJ is where most of our programming originates.  It is also the site of the Bible Correspondence School of the Caribbean.  For those of you who remember, WBMJ was known as “Radio Rock” in its heyday as a secular rock music station. Today, WBMJ is proud to serve the largest city in Puerto Rico with a healthy mix of the best solid, biblical teaching in both English and Spanish.  Pastors, community leaders, and volunteers labor with staff to produce high-quality programming that teaches and challenges the teeming community with the Word of God.  WBMJ transmits to a potential audience of over 2 million people with a daytime power of 10,000 directional watts.  For a coverage map and more detailed information, click here.