Welcome to the new RockRadioNetwork.org!

website-newToday we’re pleased to announce the launch of our newly-designed and freshened Web site.  It still contains everything you expect to find at therockradio.org, but in a fresher, easier to use way.

In the past couple of years, the ministry of therockradio.org has grown to become more and more a content-driven site.  As such, it has new programs and stories every day of the week.  To meet the increased growth, we had to take a step back and analyze how users come to our site and what they’re looking for.  The pattern we see is that users come for two main reasons: to visit the Media Center and download the latest programs, and to listen to the live stream online.  To this end, we have rebuilt therockradio.org as a magazine format.  This allows us to present the content people are looking for up front.  With the new readable fonts and HTML-5 driven color schema, the new site is easy on the eyes, easy to navigate, and easy to use on all devices.  It is specially tweaked for mobile devices.  It actually adjusts its colors based on the brightness of your screen.  How totally awesome is that?

Thoughts?  Bugs to work out?  We’d love to hear from you!  Please give our Web team a shout out through the Contact page, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

The Rock Web Team
The Web team of The Rock works in San Juan as well as Juana Díaz to keep this site updated with the latest news, new programs, and other items of interest to our listening community.