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Hello. I am possessed by very evil demons. This demon inside of me severely physically and verbally abuses me everyday, along with a bunch of other devils. He controls my body in ways that I hate. I would like to ask you if you may please ask god to take all demons out of my body and house and life, and make me immune to demonic attacks the way I used to be. Please pray to him to erase their minds of all my personal business. And just as importantly, I beg of you politely, please ask god to forgive all devils that I that I want him to forgive, and to never take away their salvation. I ask you this because they seem genuinely sorry for revolting against God along with Satan. They seemed even act a little nicer to me. Please do these things and I will be forever grateful. They want to come back to god because they seem genuinely sorry for their actions.Bless you very much. Especially for helping.

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