Susan K. / San Juan


I pray for my students and our school’s Administration. This is a school that I know has been set apart for the work of God’s Kingdom and we are having difficulty keeping and bringing in more students. Please pray for wisdom and guidance for our administrators, unity within the staff and that the Word that has been given to students would bear good fruit among them; specifically in the area of loving one another, as we’ve been having issues with the way they treat each other (lies, gossip, slander, bullying). I also need prayer for provision and for confirmation of God’s will to participate in a mission trip in our church as well as confirmation for a new job opportunity that has come up in another school (Luis Llorenz Torres Vocational School) where I know students most definitely need someone to bring them Light. It would be a big change as it is not a Christian School where I can openly speak of Jesus as I do now, but it is definitely a mission field filled with kids who lack love and purpose in their life. There are many things to consider, reason why I’m really praying for God’s confirmation through His word. I pray for you all and your amazing work for God’s Kingdom. I wish I could give more than I just did as I am so blessed by so many of the teachings on WBMJ. I love Titi Liz and Dallan…miss my dear friend Grecia…you might remember me from some of the awesome Friday dramas, which I so much enjoyed and miss doing. Bless all the volunteers and servants that keep this station going. May the Holy Spirit continue to fill you and renew your strength daily to keep fighting the good fight. In the love of Christ! Susan K.

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