Stanley George, Brooklyn, NY


Please pray that my back surgery on June 21, 2016 will be entirely successful, that I will have complete recovery and be able to return to work in September. I have not been able to go to work since January 12, 2016 and it has been pretty hard on me since they don’t pay me. The pain has been unbearable, not being able to walk or stand for any long period. Treatment by medication and physical therapy failed, hence the surgery. I am very concerned because they always say a back surgery is a 50/50 situation. I have what they call spinal stenosis/pinched nerve in the lower back. Pray also that the insurance will approve a home health aid to help with my recovery at home. I have known nothing but severe pain for more than 5 months now. Pray that I will simply rest the whole matter in God’s hands to be the head surgeon in that operating room at 11:00 a. m. tomorrow. Thank you all very much.

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