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He Knows / Toa Baja

I have gone astray.
I have lost the way.
I feel lonely and totally unconnected.
I need your prayers.

Pastor Andre Crouch

Please pray for my dear friend and Pastor in California-Pastor Andre Crouch who is currently in the hospital. He needs our prayers and comforting words.

Thank you, a listener.

Barrio Obrero

Thanking God this morning for placing a wonderful God-fearing woman in my life…my mother Rebecca Watts. I pray that God will continue giving her the strength daily to keep serving Him faithfully.

Claudia Mondo/San Juan

Doy Gracias al Señor Jesucristo por Tener un Techo, Cama y Comida todos los Días.

Santa Isabel

I give thanks to the Lord our God for life, for the many blessings in my life, for his correction, for his faithfulness to us through the covenant He made through Abraham, and for his provisioning. I am thankful that I have a job no matter how much it may stress me out. I am thankful for having a roof over my head, and food in my cuboards. I am thankful for his love and kindness, for having chosen me, a sinner, and for forgiving through the atonement of his son’s blood, Jesus Christ. I am eternally greatful and look forward to meeting him in person and giving him my heart felt thanks, face to face. In Christ, Angelo, Carmen, and Nicole.

Zoraida Torres from Juana Diaz

Thanking God for all his blessing!!!! But most for my lovely family!!!!

Ana D/Ponce

Even though my husband lost his job 4 month ago, our family is thankful to God for his provision. Everyday we’d something to eat and even the rent and bills are paid. Only the Lord Jesus can do that! Praise Lord!


I am thankful that over 40 years ago my mother decided to move to Puerto Rico with kids in tow. God had a plan for all of us, here the whole family grew to love Chirst and gave our lives Him and have never looked back. We don’t know how life would have turned out back in Chicago, but we do know how it did here.

Barbara in Juana Díaz

Over two years ago, shortly after my sweet Believer Mom died on this earth to live forevermore in God’s Presence, a dear friend recommended to me the book “1000 Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. I read it, and started my own notebook of entries about the many things small and large for which I am so grateful to God. I’m now up to #787 and believe it will be a lifelong project! Sometimes I’m not where I can write them down, but I tell Him anyway, and that blesses my day and lifts my perspective ~it’s amazing what power there is in thankfulness!

Harry / Trujillo Alto

Thank you Lord God for always being there for me and my family. Through the tough and unexpected you have always shined Your light upon our needs. Thank You for new opportunities in the midst of those lost and the re-assurance that with You the future is always assured for victory. Amen!

María Elena Meléndez Isla Verde/Cupey Bajo

María Elena Meléndez Isla Verde/Cupey Bajo

Miriam, Antonio y Edgardo ( Ponce )

Necesitamos que continúen con la cadena de oración por un familiar nuestro quien a su vez es querida por muchas personas de su entorno. Esta hospitalizada cumpliéndose casi un mes por motivo de fuertes dolores de cabeza, encontrándosele una condición que esta siendo tratada. Esta condición muestra lenta mejoría. Esta persona tiene niveles de azúcar que constantemente se le elevan más de lo usual. La misma necesita un empujoncito de Jesús para que sea superada.

Lina Gallegos-Manhattan Beach, California

This was just sent to me via email: Please pray for this dear friend of mine.

Lina Gallegos has an unoperable brain cancerous tumor . She is getting radiation . She lives in Dallas but is moving back to the beach next week . I have suggested a schedule so that we can take care of her . She is being fed through a feeding tube . Lina can’t walk or do personal care Margarita Lamas has been taking care of Lina for about 6 weeks or more . GOD loves her and so do I.

Thank you WBMJ

Milly/Santa isabel

Many thanks to the Great Lord for this station, its Staff, & listeners, I also thank God for the trials, I don’t understand them most of the time, but I trust him completely & have been able to see his work around these trial, wishing all a. Blessed thanksgiving, inspite of our difficulties. May we learn to follow God as he wants us to.
Giving thanks worship him always!

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