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Barbara Trumbower ~ Juana Díaz

Isaac did have the surgery, for which we praise our God, but the anesthetic used causes vomiting, so he’s in that stage for a while. PTL he was on his way home with his folks when the news came to me. Drs. said he would be more at risk for the next few weeks than even when in surgery, b/c he can’t have antibiotics, and the pain level will be high. They’re talking possibly 8 weeks of this before he begins to really normalize from the surgery. Then the prosthetic process begins, meaning a very long haul. Pray for him and his folks, who have the concern of keeping him as calm as possible. Thank you SO very much. ~ Barbara

Barbara Trumbower ~ Juana Díaz

Mi bis-sobrino Isaac anticipa una cirugía delicada el viernes 28 de este mes en los Estados Unidos. Isaac, 13, fue diagnosticado autista casi desde su nacimiento y tuvo tantas condiciones extraordinarias que algunos médicos le dieron un solo año para sobrevivir, o si fuera posible, tres. No obstante, a pesar de los asuntos negativos del metabolismo y los muchos problemas de vision, Isaac ha florecido y tiene un espíritu bien dulce. Ahora es necesario quitarle el ojo izquierdo el día 28 de agosto. Es una cirugía bien dolorosa, y el cuerpo de Isaac no tolera ninguna de las anestesias normales, ni esteroides. Los medicos buscan algo que le puede aliviar el dolor durante y luego de la cirugía. Por favor, únense con nosotros, pidiendole a nuestro compasivo y poderoso Dios cualquier detalle que puedan imaginar. Montones de gracias….. ~ Barbara


My daughter Stephanie, is very emotionally disturb and feels unable to control crying and emotions that overwhelming her. She is in another state and I need an apartment and financial help scent from above. She’s in her twenties and she’s depress, backsliden. I feel deep sadness and her anxiety is becoming too much for her. I know it’s spiritual and don’t want her to do harm to herself. Where she is staying in Texas with her boyfriends brother are feeling oppressed and the brother is demanding much money and wants them to buy much food but they just started work. Please pray God opens a door for them to go back to NYC my daughter needs to see a doctor for her nerves. I am in PR I have recovered from being well but have no resources to go back yet. Please pray my brother gets a buyer for his home in Jesus name so we can all move back. My dad’s meds are extremely expensive here too many please, please pray that the house gets a decent buyer so my brother can go after my dad’s cataract surgery. Stephanie needs peace and Ted pray with me I beg you please. We are all separated I just want us all together. They have no other place to go and I have no money to help. I sent all I had. God bless and for me for discernment, peace and an encounter with Jesus . Amen!

jennifer colombia

Buen día el señor les bendiga mi nombre es Jennifer soy de Colombia y quisiera pedirle oración por favor a todos las personas que puedan por Edward Alejandro Graciano Taborda para que sea libre de homosexualidad, brujería, hechicería, espíritus demoniacos, sodomía, fornicación, tabaquismo, pornografía, incubo y súcubo doble personalidad lascivia incredulidad y toda dureza de corazón tenga un espíritu sensible a la voz de Dios el espíritu santo le de conciencia de pecado, quite vendas espirituales de sus ojos, todo entenebresimiento y pecados de iniquidad el señor ponga en su corazón más disposición hambre y sed de Dios que sienta el querer como el hacer la voluntad del señor que el señor le ponga en su corazón un deseo grande de ser libre que sea cortada toda cadena atadura y yugo espiritual que tenga arrepentimiento verdadero que sienta incomodidad por el pecado, le abra el entendimiento que sea tocado por el señor y tenga experiencias con cristo , fortaleza para dejar el pecado y llegue a los pies del señor se los agradezco mucho de corazón a todos los que puedan elevar una oración por el Dios los bendiga
Creo firmemente que el poder del cristiano esta en la oración gracias

carolyn walterboro, sc

please pray for God bless me with the fruit of the womb and God shifts things in my favor and big breaks and some thing big coming my way and supernatural divine financial windfall and thousand fold and opened doors and good news and breakthoughs.thank you.

Edmund Krzeminski/Zielonka

Please pray for:
0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ,
0. Church in the USA – Matt. 3.12
1. stirring up the service to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann,
our sons Peter and Daniel – “..but as for me and my house, we will
serve the Lord” Joshua 24.15
2. God’s will and wisdom for me and my family; specially for learning in school for Daniel,working for Edmund, Dorothy, Peter (also God’s direction for his life and understanding for him what to study or work) and Ann( Ann needs husband),
3. God’s order in my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses.
Thank you.
Edmund Krzeminski

Gladys/Rio Grande

Thank you for praying for Felix my bro in law, he’s alive from the operation but needs prayer for his soul. His heart is still bad, but, so far they didn’t find cancer in the prostate again as they thought. Please pray for my son Franky, he needs a back operation due to the sciatic nerve, s1 whatever and, any back operation is very dangerous. He’s also apart from the Lord which is even worse. Thank you all, God bless youse

Ivan silva san lorenzo

slave to drugs pray that Jesus will break those chains for me and set me free

Gladys/Rio Grande

Me here again, asking you prayer warriors of WBMJ to pray for one of my sis in law’s husband, Felix. First, they need Jesus in their lives, second, he needs a prostate operation, again, but, this time his heart is barely functioning. He’s about 80 and is very, very delicate health-wise. Thank you so very much!!!! grande

I want to thank God and all of you for praying for Kaarlo, my son’s father in law. Everyone in the hospital thought he came in for a heart transplant, his heart was so wasted, but God intervened!!!! He is leaving the hospital soon, he’s probably in the house already! The open heart surgery went well, praise God!!!

Gladys/Rio Grande

Please pray for a wonderful and christian man, Kaarlo, who is also my older son’s father in law. He has 3 “heart blockages”, he’s right now in Centro Medico. Thank you so very much!


I want to praise the Lord for everything he has given me, because he knows what i need before I ask. I claim that he will help me be more like him. I ask that he guide me in what he wants me to do. Lord You will provide for my family, my job, and my health. I thank You.


Por la salud de la Sra. Lilymanny Perez-Ruiz la azucar no le baja y se le infecto toda su sangre ya que es paciente de diálisis y su cateter se le infectó.

Yaritza, Texas

Blessing from God to y’all! Please pray for my husband who is Spiritually blind with drugs and enemy’s lies. Please also pray that God gives me strength and direction to make decisions according to His perfect will, in Jesus name, amen!

Y.B./San Juan

Pido oración por mi esposo. Está pasando muchos momentos difíciles en su trabajo. El es cristiano pero debido a esta situación, está apartado y molesto con Dios. Pido que Dios tome control absoluto de esta situación. Gracias Dios porque tu eres fiel y para siempre es tu misericordia. Pongo toda mi confianza en Dios. Gracias anticipadas por orar.

The Rock Staff - Puerto Rico

Please pray for our staff member Linda. Her son was a police officer responding in New York City during the terror attacks of September 11th, 2001. Through his heroism, he was exposed to toxic dust and has been struggling ever since with his lungs. His condition has continued to get worse till it has become life threatening. Today (May 6, 2015) he is being evaluated for a possible lung transplant. Pray for this sacrificial hero and his treatment, as well as for the funds to be approved for it to go through. He is a man of God and loves the Lord.


Yay GOD!!! today i made my first donation to the Rock, in compiance with my faith promise of $42.00 a month for the year.
today I did April ! HOOAH!
God has been so good to me and the Rock has been awsome. Bless you all today and every day.

Francisco Gonzalez vargas LajasFrancisco Gonzalez vargas Lajas

Favor orar por mi hijo Francis H. Gonzalez que aparezca sano y salvo de las himalayas en Nepal.

–EDIT– Sr. González Vargas, todo el equipo aquí en La Roca está interciendo por su petición.  Estamos esperando un milagro de Dios.

Rosie / CAGUAS

may God Bless you all at the Rock Radio Station.
Please pray for my cousin who is going to family court this morning for an issue with a neighbor/family member. She is a good and humble person and needs of God’s grace and great protection.
Thank you


Busqueda de trabajo.

San Juan

Your daily programs are a spiritual solace, Please pray for my sister Sarah @ Easton, PA. She’s been diagnosed with stage 4 esophagus cancer. May the Holy Spirit give us,doctors, family & friends wisdom and peace to accept HIS will for her healing.


Les pido orar por mi mami que tuve que ingresarla a un hogar y estas sufrindo de hullicinaciones por causa de los medicamentos que Dios ponga su mano para que ella tenga paz se Dios esta con ella que ella no olvide eso. S mi familia que perdimos a mi Tia Socorro darnos fortaleza por ella goza de la presencia del señor gracias a todos lo que oran

Puerto Rico

Gracias a Dios por todas las bendiciones que recibo diariamente. Pido oración por mi matrimonio y por la oportunidad de ser padres si es su voluntad. Y doy gracias a Dios por todos ustedes en la emisora para que el Señor los colme de bendiciones.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Quiero dar gracias por mi nuevo trabajo. Y pido oración por mi patrono anterior para que el Departamento de Recursos Humanos pueda encontrar un candidato para la posición que yo ocupaba. Además quisiera pedir oración por la salud de mi madre que sufre de fuertes migrañas y depresión. Y por un amigo que fue diagnosticado con leucemia.

Robert Tolbert

The sufficient grace of God keeps me going. For the past three years I have had an itching problem all over my body. The doctors have no clue how to cure it. Today I went to a dermatologist and he is taking skin grafts to examine if they can find an internal reason for the itching. Please pray that God will give the doctor wisdom.

Joyce/St. Croix

Dear Rock Family & Sharathon Guests,
Praise God for spiritual sensitivity of The Rock leadership in having a day of prayer to begin the Sharathon for the last few years.
Praise God for Sis. Janet’s recuperation and being live at the studios again.
I praise God for growth in my relationship with Him and coming to the realization that I am nothing without Him.
Please pray for the new administration in the USVI as there are many vexing issues and a frustrated community.
Please pray for insight for the Methodist Church on St. Croix as we are struggling with declining church attendance.
Please pray for my husband and his sisters who are experiencing health concerns.
I join the Vanterpools in praying for a couple from our church who are in Miami for cancer and other serious medical treatment.
I have already posted my Sharathon pledge and will be all ears for the next 2 days. Blessings for spiritual stamina to sustain all over the next few days and for the sponsors who will be feeding your earthly bodies.
With you in His Service,

Ahmed/ Ponce

Dios le bendiga. Necesito un empleo y vender una casa que no puedo pagar antes que el banco me la quite. Que Dios haga en mi lo que tenga que hacer y que pueda yo aprender lo que haya que aprender de esta situacion. He estado trabajando en mi propia compañia desde el 2012 pero la economia no esta bien y no he tenido las destrezas para poder hechar mi negocio hacia adelante. Siento que he llegado al final de la soga. Gracias por sus oraciones.


Pido oración por una amiga que enviudó hace poco y él era el sustento de la familia,encima de el dolor de esa gran pérdida está por perder su hogar. También pido oración por sus hijos que no encuentran trabajo en especial una madre soltera con niños pequeños. Gracias


Pray for my family we lost our aunt we know she is enjoying God presence, for my cousin which she will be the caregiver for her dad now. For my mom she in a home and has demetia that God puts his hand in heart and mind so she’ll feel his love so she can have peace and thos hallucination go away. Pray you guys which pull me through tough times thank you God is so good thank you God


Please up lift my father in prayer today, he’ll be in surgery all day today. May God guide the hands and refine the skills of those doctors, nurses and assistants in that OR. May the operation be successful and the recovery speedy. All the glory be to God.

Janet / San Juan

Please pray for strength for the Sharathon work.

San Juan

Cuando empiezo a leer las peticiones de oracion de los hermanos en este wall, digo soy mas que bendecida. Soy parte de un negocio familiar que no esta ajeno a la crisis economica tan severa por la que atraviesa nuestro pais. Pido a los hermanos oracion para que Dios nos provea el sustento diario primero para nuestros empleados y luego para nosotros. Nuestro negocio se llama National Ceramics e Italceramica. Mi nombre es mercedes Rivera. Es un negocio netamente puertorriqueno y agunos en mi familia le servimos al Señor. Mi abuelo fue pastor toda su vida , mi papa que es el dueno del negocio esta apartado y uno de mis hermanos es pastor. Ayudenos a orar para que Dios traiga a toda nuestra familia al evangelio. Dios los bendiga a todos.

San Juan

El pastor del ministerio Catacumba y presidente de Morality In Media, Milton Picón, Anuncia: HOY MARTES de 6:00-7:00 PM vamos a orar para el Capitolio,en las escalinatas del lado Sur. La Casa de las Leyes es uno de los lugares donde se libran batallas morales, espirituales, sociales y económicas. Ojala que llegue el momento en donde hayan cristianos todos los días allí levantando clamor al cielo por todo lo que está ocurriendo en nuestro país. Los que quieran unirse hoy y LOS PROXIMOS MARTES, bienvenidos.


Necesitamos ambos un trabajo para pagar los préstamos estudiantiles.

LaVelle Figueroa Mirabal Ponce

Mi suegra Elsa Vargas le dio un pequeno derrame cerrebral y tiene reflejos no esta consciente. su hijo Francisco necesita paciencia y fe para salvacion de sus almas.

Gladys/Rio Grande

Please pray for Jemaris, she’s a severely handicapped friend’s child that’s hospitalized with pneumonia and, for my sister, Ruth, she’ll be operated on 04/31/15 for cancer, she’s a Christian, praise God! Thank you all so much! P.S. For my father, he lost sight in 1 eye and the shaking that’s so constant on my mother.

Madeline San Juan

My sister-in-law, Sarah, was recently diagnosed with terminal esophagal cancer and given a 6 months life span. Her husband of 45 years, my brother, Waldemar suffered a stroke back in sept 2014 and has to remain in a nursing home rehab facility. Thank you for such a special prayer support group that continually praise our lord and saviour for our needs, comfort and outreach.

Francisco Gonzalez vargas Lajas

ora por mi porque necesito un apartamento en Ponce porque me a casar, salad y mecanico para que me de un precio razonable pafra areglar el carr

Judith /Juncos Puerto Rico

I have had to make one of the sadest decision in my life to put my mother in a home for safety reasons. She was fine with the decision until her meds started giving her hallucinations while working on the correct dosis my mother is suffering thinking that they there are people wanting to kill her. My heart hurts so much I tell her to keep God close to her that he protecting her and watching over her. Please pray for my dear mother I live everyday with a broken heart because I have to work and I can’t take care of her. When she is home she is so peaceful. Pray that all negative goes away. Blessing for all that pray for my Mami querida DTB

Francisco Abad/ Tampa, Fl

Hola, pido que oren por la paz mundial y la felicidad de toda la humanidad, además oren por mi para que pueda conseguir un trabajo regular y cerca de mi familia, ya que viajo mucho como trabajador bajo contrato y no estoy muchos con ellos. Amén

Javier / Morovis

God I trust you and I Believe in You, please help my familly and I in our finances; in Jesus name I ask …Amen

Maria Elena

To lamp Lighter Theater mana-gement
I listen to your program on the Rock Radio WBMJ Puerto Rico. I am sad to know you no longer will be available thru The Rock. Is there no other alternative? It a delightful production. I think if it is played
Around noon it will be lidtened by older audience. I do not think the 5-9 year oñd apreciate the beauty of your program.
Sad and greatful to have the oportunity to enjoy it.
Maria Elena 61 yrs old. Blessings

San Juan, PR

Prayer for a friend who has lost her father. Pray for her, her mother, and her sister as they prepare for funeral on Thursday.

Anónimo / San Juan

Ante de todo, doy gracias al Señor por todas las bendiciones recibidas diariamente. Solicito oración por la salud de mi tía que al presente es incierta. Señor si es tu voluntad, guía a los médicos para encontrar una solución y/o respuesta para los acontecimientos ocurridos. Te lo pido en el nombre de tu hijo Jesús, Amen.

Gladys/Rio Grande

God bless you all! Please pray for my sister, Ruthy Barreto, she has cancer cells in her lower body again and her bladder is too low and causes pain. Thank you so much.

Mrs. Celia Rodriguez

Let us elevate intercessory prayer on behalf of Mrs. Celia Rodriguez who is going at this very moment through a major and very delicate crises situation. She needs prayer.

Mrs. Celia Rodriguez

Let us elevate intercessory prayer on behalf of Mrs. Celia Rodriguez who is going at this very moment through a major and very delicate crises situation. She needs prayer.

Mrs. Celia Rodriguez

Let us elevate intercessory prayer on behalf of Mrs. Celia Rodriguez who is going at this very moment through a major and very delicate crises situation. She needs prayer.


There is a girl that the church that I now go to and I love her will you pray that god will help me to take care of her and that god will bring us together and that god will open doors for me and that god will keep me safe at home and keep my home safe when I am away from home and that god will help me to learn more about the bible and to teach others

Cate/ Dorado

Please pray for me and my class. We have a test on Monday, and I know God has never let me down, but I am nervous and scared because I haven’t finished the material yet. Thank you

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