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Miriam, Antonio y Edgardo ( Ponce )

Necesitamos que continúen con la cadena de oración por un familiar nuestro quien a su vez es querida por muchas personas de su entorno. Esta hospitalizada cumpliéndose casi un mes por motivo de fuertes dolores de cabeza, encontrándosele una condición que esta siendo tratada. Esta condición muestra lenta mejoría. Esta persona tiene niveles de azúcar que constantemente se le elevan más de lo usual. La misma necesita un empujoncito de Jesús para que sea superada.

Lina Gallegos-Manhattan Beach, California

This was just sent to me via email: Please pray for this dear friend of mine.

Lina Gallegos has an unoperable brain cancerous tumor . She is getting radiation . She lives in Dallas but is moving back to the beach next week . I have suggested a schedule so that we can take care of her . She is being fed through a feeding tube . Lina can’t walk or do personal care Margarita Lamas has been taking care of Lina for about 6 weeks or more . GOD loves her and so do I.

Thank you WBMJ

Milly/Santa isabel

Many thanks to the Great Lord for this station, its Staff, & listeners, I also thank God for the trials, I don’t understand them most of the time, but I trust him completely & have been able to see his work around these trial, wishing all a. Blessed thanksgiving, inspite of our difficulties. May we learn to follow God as he wants us to.
Giving thanks worship him always!

Carl Ortiz

Thank You Lord for the victory at my job My petition is to have my long waited vacation and that when I get back from vacation I wont be persecuted like they usually do to me .
Thank you God bless you all..

Maria Acosta/ Caguas

During this season of Thanksgiving I’d like to thank God first of all for Himself, for being my eternal Father, for His faithfulness and provision. He is my source of joy and security. Love you deeply my Lord.


Please pray for:
1. stirring up the service to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann,
our sons Peter and Daniel –
“..but as for me and my house, we will
serve the Lord” Joshua 24.15
2. God’s will and wisdom for me and my family,
3. God’s order in my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses.
Thank you.
Edmund Krzeminski

Carmen / Puerto Rico

I am thankful for ALL the things that the Lord has done not only for me but for my sons. When I was in bondage with alcoholism, depression, insomnia instability and rebellion He kept them safe and protected them from all the bad things around us. He delivered me from alcoholism and all the other things and today I am forever thankful and can never repay Him for ALL He has done and continues to do for US. Praise His name for ever and ever.

Keyla/ Trujillo Alto

I give thanks to God for his faithfulness and presence in my life. He’s definitely come through in fulfilling promises he’d made to me long ago; not early, but never late. He has taught me so much this year and I’m so grateful for his patience, his opportunities, his grace, his love, his mercy, his honesty and his reminders about how much he cares.

Clara, Vega Baja

For Kids Time, my mom & Dad, my brother Barry and for Mac & cheese!!

Evelyn/San Juan

For teenage depression. May the Holy Spirit continue showing me the way to handle my teenager’s depression. May my heart, mind and soul open to new levels of understanding and dealing with this condition so that I may be light to my teenager and family.


Por la salvacion de mi hija y mi nieto, por mi esposo reconciliacion con Jesus y mis familiares y amigos que no conocen a Dios. Que mi esposo y mi hija se hablen denuevo, sufro mucho hermanos por esto, que Dios restaure el corazon de mi familia. Los amo mucho a ustedes que estan orando por nosotros, oro por ustedes tambien,Dios los continue bendiciendo….


una joven perdio su mama y no conoce a Dios y una amiga cristiana que ha perdido muchos familiares en poco tiempo

Javier / San Juan

Just want to Thank GOD for all his blessings and jobs he has given my kids. Thankyou LORD for our health and wealth…Amen


For the Virgin Islands election on Nov.4. Candidates and supporters living in the Western end of St. Croix are invited to the Bethel Methodist chapel across from the Marley housing community at 7 am to begin the day with a brief time of prayer.

Antonio y Edgardo ( Ponce )

Oren por dos familiares, una en el día de hoy esta en el hospital en sala de emergencia por fuertes dolores de cabeza que le esta afectando su oído, voz, etc; que se recupere para que siga amando a las personas como acostumbra hacer. Además, por un segundo familiar que es fiel creyente en Jesucristo de palabra y acción que esta enfrentándose a un cancel en la próstata.
Gracias por hacer una cadena de oración.

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