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Les pido que me acompañen en oración para mi prima Rebecca que sera sometida a dos operaciones simultaneas (en un mismo día) a fines de este mes. Dios todopoderos te pido por su tranquilidad mental durante este periodo de espera. Tengo la confianza en Tí Dios que las ciruguias seran todo un exito y que las muestra de patología seran negativas y su recuperación sera todo un exito. Lo pido en el santo nombre de tu hijo Jesús. Amén.


Favor orar por asuntos familiares. Para que El Señor nos de paz en medio de la tribulación. Gracias y Que El Señor Benfiga la emisora y todo el personal. Amen

Linda, Rio Grande

Please help me continue to pray for my son Luis who is afflicted with a lung condition;
he’s on oxygen 24/7 and is in need of a lung transplant. He is believing for a miracle as am I. I no that there is nothing impossible for God, His hand has not been shorten, There is power in prayer.

Rosie/ PR

Please pray for a close family member who has a child (a young person) that is addicted and lost without God. My family member is a Believer in Christ, knows God but is angry, frustrated and feels hopeless.
Please pray.
Also my father has Alzheimer’s and dementia, it is very sad to see him this way, I need strength to accept every good minute and deal with the sad ones.
I am a dedicated listener to the Rock and thank God for all of you and your continued service to the Lord.
May God bless and keep you all so you may continue to spread His good Word and help us worship Him more.

Joyce/St. Croix

Praise God for the faithfulness of the Luttrell siblings in carrying on their parents’mission and vision. Thank God for another year of prayer and then sharathon.. Please pray for my grandsons who are tasting of this world and finding it hard to serve God. At their ages peers have more influence than the adults in their lives so please include their choice of friends.
Praying for all who will be a part of the program for the next two days. Your faithful long time partner.


Please help me pray for my granddaughter who is having difficulties with her employer. My granddaughter has a hard time communicating and speaking to her employer, Also that her eyes may be open to the truth of Gods word.

Henry / Florida

I thank the Lord for My wife’s recovering and that the report She gets from her doctor today Will be good news And I also want to thank the Lord …. for Always having my back And opening doors here in Florida although my heart is over there in Puerto Rico Because I still have my children there I pray that the Lord will reunite this family And that we will all be able to serve the Lord Together Thank you and God bless you

Iglesia Hermandad - Bayamón

Gracias por un maravilloso día de oración. Oren por nuestro grupo de jóvenes que está preparando un viaje misionero “short-term” a Barahona en la República Domincana este verano. Hay miles de jornaleros haitianos en el area que no tienen derechos y que han huido de la sequía en su país, junto con sus niños que no tienen aceso a la educación más básica. Vamos a ayudar a construir una escuela para una misión de la iglesia católica. Somos una iglesia protestante pero creemos en la unidad cristiana.

Javier / Morovis

I want to give GOD a Thank You for keeping my familly and friends with good health and with good jobs. Although we all struggle, we have the Faith that GOD will push us forward in Jesus name.

I also want to thank God for the The Rock Radio, to all its employees and friends, they are truly a blessing.

george bayamon

Petcion de salud para padres e hijos.Oracion para eliminar malos habitos y rituales diarios.Graciis

Josue - Miami

Gracias por la applicacion movil. La uso todos los dias es una gran nebdicion para mi vida ya que no ay emisora como tuya aca. Me encanta Daily Manna. Oro por mi hijo menor que no conoce a Cristo todavía pero tiene la aplicacion en su iPad. Dios les bendiga.

Milly; santa isabel

Prayer for all the listeners & all those that work in all the rock radio stations, especially to those working in the background, & volunteers. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR TIME & FOR ALL THAT YOU DO! May God bless you all & continue guiding this light to always SHINE!

I have a co worker which his daughters mom moved to the state & he needs guidance on his desires to see his daughter, due to expenses he’s having difficulty in figuring on how to see her, & he seem to suffer from depression, but i’m not sure about that.

Health for my family and myself also my many siblings in the faith concerning health issues & difficulties.

As for me, being an introvert, I desperately need prayer, i’m an excelent procrastinater, & perfectionist or obsessive compulsive when doing certain things. I have many years of practice with the procrastination (I think that I tend not to start things that I know I will not be able to finish) & have prayed about this problem for years, but I unfortunatly continue failing in this area, I’ve prayed for strength on begining & completing tasks at home but I doooo keep failing! Even though I tend to hate myself… unfortunately continue with the procrastination!
I keep praying but I think i need some help with this part of my life at this moment…please help!

Many Blessings & thank you!


Please pray for my small business. Sales are down, expenses are up. Also, two of my key employees went to the US and now I have a third whose son has cancer and she wants to take him to St. Judes (I pray this happens). I have not turned a profit in 4 years. Now is time for taxes. Oh, boy! But God is faithful. Thank you for WBMJ.

Santa Isabel

I ask for prayer that God will grant me wisdom, peace, and a heart overwhelming with love as I work with assisting my mother and brother (caregiver). They both have conditions, and I’m the only sibling in Puerto Rico trying to assist them in any way I can while balancing my work, my own family life, and responsibilities at my church. Both are a challenge to work with and emotionally consuming. I love them, but sometimes I feel myself veering off into selfishness and animosity. Please pray for me to keep it together in the sight of adversity. I know that all works out for the glory of God. I also know that God allows situations in our life to mold my character into a Christ like mind and attitude. To him be the glory.

Christiansted, St. Croix

Praying for my brother who is hospitalized with complications of diabetes and heart problems. May God give him a good and speedy recovery.

Guaynabo - Eliud

Oren por los miembros de mi iglesia. Tenemos situaciones financieros ya que muchos se han ido de Puerto Rico y las ofrendas han bajados bastante.


A long time friend is incarcerated in the federal prison system in pr. He’s a young father of 3 and still has a couple years left on his sentencing. Lets pray that his experience during this process may only bring him closer to Jesus and just like Jeremiah be seduced in such way that he must surrender his mind, body and soul to the Lord. AMEN

Anomymous - Cupey

Please remember to pray for all of us, the professors at the UPR system. We are under much stress with everything that is being decided both here and in New York. Many of us have been serving for decades and cannot start over.


Buenos días. Dios les bendiga. Yo deseo pedir oración por prosperidad espiritual, física y económica para y durante cada día de mi vida. Muchas gracias. Amén.

Anonymous Guaynabo

Hello, great station. It is great to have local programs in English though I do speak some Spanish. I am new to Puerto Rico. My girlfriend and I are exploring God’s will for us to get married or not. Please pray for us as many decisions will have to be made. She has a job here and I am with the US Coast Guard so I may always be re-stationed which of course brings up questions such as where she would want to live and what about children? Etc. We want God’s will for our lives.

E Garcia - jayuya

Soy enfermera llevo varios años sin trabajo considerando una oferta en Texas. Por favor oren por sabiduría e iluminación. No tengo familia en Texas.

Ricardo - PR

Soy agente de bienes raices y se me ha ido lento.

Nancy S. / Aguas Buenas

Please pray for my family. I have a son in prison in Puerto Rico and my husband have found a job in the States. I do not want to be so far from my son but we must go to his new job in Texas. Is very difficult moment.

Marianne / Guayama

Mi hijo tiene cancer.

sandra reyes/ santiago de Chile

Primero que nada bendicines y gracias muchas gracias por recibir este correo. Soy una mujer de Fe y oración…desde niña oro..pues se que Dios siempre esta conmigo. pero las fuerzas flaquean…les ruego me apoyen en oración por mi matrimonio con mi esposo Cristian rojas, yo le amo mucho. pero ahora estamos distanciados por problemas..Ruego al padre restaure nuestra relación por una relación mucho mejor, Dios me entregue a un cristian transformado en cristo Jesús..valorándome como su mujer y esposa., cuidándome cual vaso frágil. Se al Dios que inclino mi rostro, se su poder y que nada es imposible para el. Se Dios hace su obra en el y en mi y me entrega victoria sobre mi esposo Cristian y sobre mi misma. Todo esto lo declaro y agradezco en el santo nombre de mi señor Jesucristo amen.

Henry / Florida

pido oracion por procedimiento medico Para esposa.


Oracion x q las sigue test personas tengan un encuentro con Jesus mi salvador:
Keila Toledo
Kiara Toledo
Jean paul toledo
Zoraida quiles
Wiso Vega
Jomar Suarez
Josue suarez
Cuca- + sanidad

Andres Celi/Guayaquil

Solicito oración por el problema de casa en Salinas, la cual me quiere ser injustamente arrebatada por un banco. Le pido a Dios que me conceda el milagro de poder conservarla.

The Rock team

We pray for unity of the Christians in Puerto Rico in reference to the Festival of Hope and that they would be wise to resist the attacks of Satan who wants to divide us.



Beatris/Fdo. PR


deseo pedir oracion por mi familia
renemos muchas situaciones dificiles y nesecitamos que Dios nos ayude y nox de saviduria parasalir adelate.

Norma rodriquez


Deceo que me ayuden a orar por mi vida Espiritual. Quiero poder esforsarme mas en la oracion. anhelo que el Espiritu Santo me enseñe a orar en la voluntad Del padre. a veces pienso que de verdad no se orar y quiero aprender. quiero dedicar mi vida al servicio del Señor. please Help me pray for that. thank you so much.

enrique / naples


nesecito oracion ya que pronto se nos termina el contrato de arrendamiento y aun no sabemos donde el Señor nos llevara, si continuar en florida o regresar a pr ( mi corazón esta en pr ) de regresar nesecitaria un trabajo … y se que nuestro Dios sabe como hacer su voluntad … ( yo digo que El sabe hecharsela como el Dios de lo imposible que es ) A M E N !!!

A. - St. Thomas


Please pray for the issue with the bonds and financial problems here in the USVI. Just like our dear friends in Puerto Rico, we are facing uncertainty since the bonds of our electrical utility have been downgraded by one of the major firms and many fear what may happen next. It is a time of great uncertainty. We pray for you in your need and now ask the same for us. We know God is over all. Thank the Lord for WIVV, my source of light.

Gustavo - PR


Necesito reponermo después de la pérdida repentina de mi mamá Angela. Fue a morar con el Señor el dia de Navidad y la familia está en shock. Que el Señor nos concede paz y harmonía. DLB. También por mi hogar tenemos la hipoteca en ejecución.

Celestine - Carolina PR


Somos retirados y dependemos de las pensiones. Mi esposo teme las malas noticias y dice que no tiene esperanza para un nuevo 2017. No conoce a Jesucristo y me preocupa su salud. Se llama Henry. Por favor, oramos por el.

Tony / Miami


Salud para mi familia. Todos tenemos la monga en esta temporada.

Enrique / Carolina @ Florida


Pido oracion por trabajo en PR se que Dios es real y que suple … para voy ver a reunir nuestra Familia . Gracia y sigan la Buena Obra del Señor.



For Mike to be drawn to God, to see his sin as God does, and to repent and receive Christ as his Savior soon. And that his wife and two kids will do the same!

Elba Martinez / Caguas


Oren por una compañera de trabajo que tiene hijo rebelde. Por mis piernas, que me duelen constantemente. Por mi ex esposo que padece de cancer y su hija menor no lo quiere. Tantas cosas para orar. Gracias por WBMJ, mi luz en las tinieblas. For such a time as this.

Andrew / New York


My mother had an accident in the kitchen and suffered serious burns on her lower body. She is 83 years old. Pray for her upcoming skin grafts and other issues. She has a serious infection and the doctors are worried it may get into her blood.

dena-antoinette chisholm


perfect-whole-complete cure(HEALING)relief from pain(restoration 2 health); esp. for my lower torso of bones,cartilage,connective tissue,joints,knees,legs,muscles; PRAY THE TRINITY WILL HOLY ANOINT,SPIRITUALLY LUBRICATE, ORDER THESE STEPS OF FRUITION!

Matías - Guaynabo


Please pray for my new home business. It is making income but so far is not enough to replace my day job, which I am sure the company is closing soon. Thank you and God bless.



Please please pray for my marriage. We have 3 boys and our marriage is hanging by a thread. I need God to work a miracle.

Maria / Rio Grande


I want to thank the Lord for all his blessings in this year 2016 and for the holiday we have tomorrow in his name. This year was hard and next year is not certain but we have him always. Thank you Jesus for your blood on calvary! Thank you for WBMJ.

Anonymous / San Juan


I have a son in the US Marines. He will not speak to me. I love him and miss him. I pray he would come home for Thanksgiving holidays but he will not answer the phone. It is five years I have no contact with him.

Eliezer Ortero - Antigua


My mother have her left foot removed due to diabetes complications. Now she have pain in her foot that do not exist. Is very hard to understand. Pray for her peace.

S Martinez / Ponce


Please pray for my 10 year old son who has cancer. We are hoping for his recovery but as of now he seems to be losing this war. This is the third time has has cancer.

Michele Bronx, NYC


My family and I desperately want to move to Puerto Rico. I believe my children would be happier in Puerto Rico and my family overall. We attempted to move in 2014 however, things did not work out in our favor. I pray we are able to attempt a move again and this time be successful.

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