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Stanley George, Brooklyn, NY

Please pray that my back surgery on June 21, 2016 will be entirely successful, that I will have complete recovery and be able to return to work in September. I have not been able to go to work since January 12, 2016 and it has been pretty hard on me since they don’t pay me. The pain has been unbearable, not being able to walk or stand for any long period. Treatment by medication and physical therapy failed, hence the surgery. I am very concerned because they always say a back surgery is a 50/50 situation. I have what they call spinal stenosis/pinched nerve in the lower back. Pray also that the insurance will approve a home health aid to help with my recovery at home. I have known nothing but severe pain for more than 5 months now. Pray that I will simply rest the whole matter in God’s hands to be the head surgeon in that operating room at 11:00 a. m. tomorrow. Thank you all very much.

LOGAN Fields/Denver CO

Please pray that I keep my vows and that I am faithful to my wife LaToya and that I get my transfer for florida in two months and we are all able to move together as a family. Please also pray that I treat my wife better and that I speak to her with love and respect

Robinson-Fields Family/NV

Please Pray for my marriage and that my husband get full custody of his two children and that we are able to move to Florida with a transfer from his job in two months.

Latoya/Las Vegas

Please pray that the Lord will move the bank on my behalf and that I don’t need to turn in anymore information and that my fears are put to rest. Please pray that the vehicle is a blessing to our family. Please this is an urgent prayer request. Please help us we really need this vehicle.


For my daughters Stephanie (young adult) depression, anxiety, feeling no one listens but we do. For her job, she works a lot is tired. She has concerns for my daughter Desiree and my granddaughter who is 8yrs old had stress attacks, her dad left my daughter for her friend with two kids. I don’t think she knows but the back and forth of my daughter to her other grandmother is stressing her and she wants my daughter to be close to her. My oldest Desiree is bipolar for years, my other daughter thinks she is not for God to heal all of us. My family, son for salvation. For a new apartment, finances to be gathered. My brother’s bank things to be done so he can buy a house in NYC so we can all be together but PLEASE remember Stephanie says she wants to die is in her mid 2o’s and wants and encounter with God please for her boyfriend Ted, lost his mom at age 16, for healing and insecurity. God to guide me, revelation and understanding of dreams and visions.


My 8 years old granddaughter from stress attacks and my daughter because of broken relationship and father choose to leave for another person and her two very younger children. For those younger children and her friend, whose a pastors daughter who left home also. Two are from Christian ,parents Daniel my grans dad, the girl and her young kids, and the pastors daughter Valarie for all to go back home and God open their eyes serve the Lord not sure the other girl is a believer but was kicked out by parents as I understand. For my daughter is bipolar and having a hard time going back and forth with my granddaughter Madilyn just came back from hospital again, the living condition and going back and forth and my daughter having to leave her there with gran parents because the school is far has been stressing her and my granddaughter. An open door and finances for us to get an affordable apartment I moved from PR to NY three months ago and staying with relatives, For my brother who had to come back also temporary also staying to care for his grandson Allen young kid not doing good in school, rebellious, backslidden its hard for my brother who is constantly struggling from broken family also. Allen did get baptized in water at my former church years back when 11 years old by his own request, he is 14, his mom Denise moving back next month to try to help, his dad has new marriage and he is stress also. His brother who has a bad relationship with an abusive girlfriend who hits him, and has brought division in the family Lauren has caused Allen and the family problems and has told the kid she hates him and other. Let God’s will be done because its too much already, Last my brother turned his house back to the bank that everything is completed so he can buy a house out here where we can all be together as my parents home was sold long ago, and they regretted it but now my parents are aged, my mom has the beginning of Altzheimer but I know God is with us. And praising God for revelation he gives me in dreams about storms coming I saw the Lord to my right side as I saw a storm coming and huge wave and I was impressed to “call upon the name of the Lord” and I lead many people in the dream going my same walking direction to say God, God, God then the Lord appeared Large to my right side in form of a huge cloud it was Jesus’s face He was staring at me, I also heard “tribe” I learn in Hebrew concordance the word meant for tribe is “family”. For God to help me with interpretation, also help from the Holy Spirit with hearing in the spirit also sometimes it’s loud not often. For God’s peace direction we are far from walking distance and I physically cannot travel far because of body pains. Thank you, on laptop following you since I come back the anointing is great and I love your ministry service. God bless Elizabeth.

Edmund Krzeminski/Zielonka

Please pray for:
0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ,
0. Church in the USA – Matt. 3.12
1. stirring up the ministry to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our
daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel – “..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24.15
2. God’s will and wisdom for me and my family; specially for learning in school for Daniel,working for Edmund, Dorothy, Peter (also God’s direction for his life) and Ann( Ann needs husband),
3. God’s order in my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses.
Edmund Krzeminski

Anne Tomson / St. Thomas

Pray for my son Anthony in his second year of Engineering School in the USA. For success in finals and a restful summer here back at home with us.


Por favor, pidan por la recuperación de mi matrimonio y la restauración de mi familia

Jose Alejandro Lugo Rodriguez/Maracaibo

Amado en Cristo Jesús,

Le envió mis saludos y afecto y le pido que por favor se una en Oración conmigo.

Necesito de su Oración para suplir a mis hijos en este tiempo de vacas flacas por los que pasa mi país.

En mi amada Venezuela no hay empleo y el indice de inflación esta en 300% y subiendo.

Ademas las fallas eléctricas se suman a los problemas actuales.

He querido migrar a otro país para trabajar y así suplir a mi familia. Pero no cuento con la Visa EEUU, ni con el dinero para los pasajes, alimento y estadía para ello.

Yo no tengo trabajo, ni el dinero para la comida, ni insumos de primera necesidad.

Tan solo tengo el Pasaporte y toda la voluntad para migrar.

Se que nuestro SEÑOR puede proveerme de lo que necesito y aun más por la gracia y la continua bendición de nuestro SEÑOR JESUCRISTO.

Por eso las Oraciones deben ser constantes para que el fluir de las bendiciones sea constante. Por eso les pido que perseveren conmigo en Oración y Alabanza a nuestro Dios; esperando el cumplimiento de la promesa.

Yo se que TODO LO QUE PIDAMOS EN EL NOMBRE DE NUESTRO SEÑOR JESUCRISTO; Nos sera concedido para glorificar el Nombre del Altísimo. Por eso les pido que se unan conmigo para orar juntos en esta petición, que beneficiaria a mi familia.

Sin mas que decir y gracias por sus palabras de prosperidad y bendición.


Joyce Christiansted, St. Croix

I am asking for prayer that the Holy spirit will be with my brother Kenneth who is in the process of getting resolution with a workmen compensation case following severe injuries from an attack at a truck stop in 2013. Pray that the lawyers and the truck company will be fair and just with this resolution.
I give praise and thanksgiving to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his continued blessing and healing for my brother, and all persons needing his healing.


For finances to be saved, favor for an apartment as just moved from PR to NY. Family and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Expecting uncommon favor that we could move somehow before Summer is over.


Por Laureano, por favor libéralo de esa relación amorosa que lo daña. DALE UN AMOR SANO Y PURO. Que tenga un buen futuro. Gracias!!

Anonymous / Toa Baja


I had already made my faith promise for the year 2016 yesterday morning. Today, I had been feeling compelled during the day to bring another faith offering to The Rock Radio station and drove there after going by the bank to get some money. As I was driving I heard the brothers and sisters in the radio station putting up $20 dollar bills in the table. Then I knew I had to bring those $20 dollar bills I had to the table.

When I got to the station I was received as if I was another one of the brothers and sisters set to help. It was kind of funny that no one was expecting me to make a donation. But as it is, we finally cleared that up and I told them that I wanted to place my offering in the table with the others and they actually allowed me to do so.

Dalan asked me how much I was placing and I showed him my two index fingers (because I was afraid to speak and be heard on the air… even though there was a music break at the time). I felt very happy about this opportunity God had given me to share what he gave me.

Then, this afternoon as I went to the mailbox to check what had arrived for the day I found a check for ten times the amount I had given! GLORY BE TO GOD!! I had not been expecting that check to come in, In fact I had written it off since it was something from 2012!

God is faithful!


Susan K. / San Juan

I pray for my students and our school’s Administration. This is a school that I know has been set apart for the work of God’s Kingdom and we are having difficulty keeping and bringing in more students. Please pray for wisdom and guidance for our administrators, unity within the staff and that the Word that has been given to students would bear good fruit among them; specifically in the area of loving one another, as we’ve been having issues with the way they treat each other (lies, gossip, slander, bullying). I also need prayer for provision and for confirmation of God’s will to participate in a mission trip in our church as well as confirmation for a new job opportunity that has come up in another school (Luis Llorenz Torres Vocational School) where I know students most definitely need someone to bring them Light. It would be a big change as it is not a Christian School where I can openly speak of Jesus as I do now, but it is definitely a mission field filled with kids who lack love and purpose in their life. There are many things to consider, reason why I’m really praying for God’s confirmation through His word. I pray for you all and your amazing work for God’s Kingdom. I wish I could give more than I just did as I am so blessed by so many of the teachings on WBMJ. I love Titi Liz and Dallan…miss my dear friend Grecia…you might remember me from some of the awesome Friday dramas, which I so much enjoyed and miss doing. Bless all the volunteers and servants that keep this station going. May the Holy Spirit continue to fill you and renew your strength daily to keep fighting the good fight. In the love of Christ! Susan K.

Hno Castro

Gloria a Dios por su Don Inefable! ( 2cor 9:15) Pido me ayuden a orar por mi familia: Tenemos 2 hijas adolescentes, para q. el Senor las mantenga siempre en su camino y nosotros como padres podamos asi siempre encaminarlas. Tambien pido por salud para mi esposa y para mi, ademas por salud para los hermanos de nuestra congregacion. Tambien para q. el Senor supla las finanzas del hogar y la congregacion.


Please pray for myself and family in St. Kitts and for my brothers and sisters in St. Croix and the USA. Please pray that our various needs may be met and that the Lord will make us strong to follow in His ways and live for Him each day. Thank you and may God bless you a;lways.

St. Croix

Pray for family, especially those who do not believe. Pray for refugees around the world, for persons who plan destruction, that heir hearts may be turned away from evil; for children and the weak who suffer daily from hunger and abuse.


Oracion por los hijos (vuelvan al Camino del Señor) sean libre drogas en el nombre de JESUS! ; llegada de un esposo fiel al Señor y por ende a su amada esposa; necesidad q Dios supla ingreso adicional luego que me reducieran sueldo, ser bendecida para bendecir en el Reino. Dios los siga bendiciendo para llevar las buenas nuevas del Reino de Dios por la radio hasta q Cristo vuelva. Gracias por su labor diaria de Excelencia !!


Oracion por los hijos (vuelvan al Camino del Señor) sean libre drogas en el nombre de JESUS! ; llegada de un esposo fiel al Señor y por ende a su amada esposa; necesidad q Dios supla ingreso adicional luego que me reducieran sueldo, ser bendecida para bendecir en el Reino. Dios los siga bendiciendo para llevar las buenas nuevas del Reino de Dios por la radio hasta q Cristo vuelva. Gracias por su labor diaria de Excelencia !!

Jared / Guaynabo

Praise God for his faithfulness. My Dad had a stroke a little over a week ago and the Lord answered our prayers for his healing. He has already returned to work and our relationship has gotten closer through this situation.

Lucy, Guayama

Please pray that I can get a place to live, and find work. Pray for restoration of my marriage,and for many blessings for my husband and his family.

Elisa / Cabo Rojo

Please pray for all of us teachers who are uncertain whether our contracts will be renewed at the end of the school year. The fiscal issues with the government are very hard to ignore and leave us nervous, also for the retired teachers and the pensions. It is difficult to be cheerful at the school in the face of so much worry.

Xiomara Guerra

Pido oracion para la restauracion de mi matrimonio y familia, por mis hijos, mis finanzas, mi familia y por mi trabajo. Gracias! Dios les bendiga

Enrique / Carolina @ Florida

Also I wanna pray for the government of Puerto Rico and all their senators and legislators that the Lord will somehow create a miracle and will put us back as head and not the tail because the island is full of people that believe in God and I know that God is not turning his back on us and I praise him and I thank him everyday for that amen

Enrique / Carolina @ Florida

I need prayer for me, my family, my wife and children and also for my brother who for the second time just had heart surgery.
Also thanking the Lord for all that he’s done for me and my family and I’m grateful for the rock radio you’re always in my prayers and I thank God for the staff and the volunteers God bless you all…

Linda Palermo Rio Grande, PR

Please help me pray for my son Luis, who’s suffering from Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is defined as a specific form of chronic, progressive fibrosing interstitial pneumonia of unknown cause, (symptoms) Most patients present a gradual onset of difficulty breathing (exertional dyspnea) and/or a nonproductive cough. Pulmonary function is at 20% was put on a lung transplant list. We have been praying for a miracle and believe God is able.


Por favor oren por esta importante petición acerca de la lucha en contra de la perspectiva de género: El Lic. Juan M. Gaud dice: Mis amados compañeros de fb. Hoy estaremos en horas de la tarde viendo la vista argumentativa en el caso donde el Gobierno a traves del Consejo de Educacion pretende en otras palabras violentar la libertad religiosa de las iglesias de educar a los niños conforme a su fe. Solicitamos sus oraciones.

milly / santa isabel

Many blessings to all of you that work so hard in trying to guide all to the light, and to all us listeners whom are also trying to follow & learn to guide others to the light!
I need to request some assistance, a coworker that’s from Indiana has his mom in currently in ICU, had a liver transplant, the family is trying to resolve the care issue needed after her release, she will not be able to live in her home for now due to the hospitals distace & the transport is not recommended by the Dr. Obviously the meds needed, cost & stay is a concern. I know God always provides!
I Thank God for you all in what you have been enslave to do, continue in battle! Praise the Lord in Jesus name AMEN

milly / santa isabel

Many blessings to all of you that work so hard in trying to guide all to the light, and to all us listeners whom are also trying to follow & learn to guide others to the light!
I need to request some assistance, a coworker that’s from Indiana has his mom in currently in ICU, had a liver transplant, the family is trying to resolve the care issue needed after her release, she will not be able to live in her home for now due to the hospitals distace & the transport is not recommended by the Dr. Obviously the meds needed, cost & stay is a concern. I know God always provides!
I Thank God for you all in what you have been enslave to do, continue in battle! Praise the Lord in Jesus name AMEN


Por favor, ayùdenme a orar por mi alma. Nací, crecí, me he apartado y regresado, y aùn ahora continùo en el evangelio.

Pero mi fe ha sido probada grandemente los pasados 5-6 años, tanto que no puedo mencionar ni un solo momento “bueno”. Ya no tengo fiuerzas y por más que espero y confío, y ayuno y oro…

Dios permanece en silencio total. Y ahora, las preguntas sin respuesta me agobian; las personas que he ayudado genuinente sin esperar nada a cambio me destruyen.; y sin cada vez más los problemas y situaciones que a diario me enfrento y hasta mis finanzas y las de mis padres se han sangrado defendiendome de ellos.

Ya mi fe empieza a flaquear. Suelo decir que Job estuvo así pero luego obtuvibla victoria. ¿Por cuánto màs tengo q estar así y Dios en silencio total?

Bruce Perkins / Mandeville LA

Pray for the people of Louisiana, Texas, and adjoining states who have been impacted by severe flooding due to heavy rains during the past week. Many homes have been flooded in areas unknown to have flooded before, and so many have no flood insurance. Churches and Christian ministries are rallying to the occasion, but the needs are massive and widespread. Due to flooding of I-10, the Texas-Louisiana border will likely be closed for a week.

Joyce, Christiansted, St. Croix

I am asking for prayers to assist my sister Barbara in her job search. She is blessed with many good talents and skills that need to be given the opportunity to do the will of God. I know that when two or more are gathered in prayer that god hears our petitions. thank you rock radio, your station is a daily blessing in my life.

United States

Hello. I am possessed by very evil demons. This demon inside of me severely physically and verbally abuses me everyday, along with a bunch of other devils. He controls my body in ways that I hate. I would like to ask you if you may please ask god to take all demons out of my body and house and life, and make me immune to demonic attacks the way I used to be. Please pray to him to erase their minds of all my personal business. And just as importantly, I beg of you politely, please ask god to forgive all devils that I that I want him to forgive, and to never take away their salvation. I ask you this because they seem genuinely sorry for revolting against God along with Satan. They seemed even act a little nicer to me. Please do these things and I will be forever grateful. They want to come back to god because they seem genuinely sorry for their actions.Bless you very much. Especially for helping.

United St


Por favor les suplico su oracion, para que pronto tengamos el dinero necesario para la cirugía de mi esposo, ya que cada día está más mal. Mil gracias. Dios los bendiga

Estudiante / Puerto Rico

Oren por mi que la semana que viene tomo la reválida de enfermería de los EEUU, la cuál sólo se da en inglés y me tiene aterrada.


— EDIT — Wow, ¡yo también la tomo pronto! ¡Qué Dios le de muchas fuerzas y valentía! – Dalan de La Roca.

Empresario / Miami,Fl

Oracion urgente por Dinero.
Por favor, mi situación financiera sigue muy mal, de nuevo les suplico Oración por Liberación y Prosperidad de mi Negocio. Necesito Urgentemente por Asuntos Legales, Diez mil Dolares ($ 10.000), según la ganancia en mis ventas, este monto es posible con pocas ventas y en corto plazo, pero mis ventas siguen paralizadas.
Dios les pague por sus oraciones, bendiciones.

Urgent Prayer Request / Miami, FL

Thanks God for his Mercy!
I want to testify and give thanks to God, because he heard the prayers and the immigration court granted me the postponement of my appointment at court.
I still thanking your prayers for speedy naturalization of my son, the cancellation of my deportation and the most urgent now… abundant and enough money to afford all this process.
God pay you for your prayers.

Urgent Prayer Request

Gracias a Dios por su Misericordia!
Quiero testificar y dar gracias a Dios, ya que oyó las oraciones y la Corte de Inmigración me concedió el aplazamiento de mi Cita en Corte.
Sigo agradeciéndoles sus oraciones por la pronta naturalización de mi hijo, la cancelación de mi Deportación y lo más urgente ahora…el dinero suficiente y abundante para costear todo este proceso.
Dios le pague por sus oraciones.

Narda / Miami

My prazer is in my praieiro!!!! Thanks for the alminhas for his manha blessings largue or amá-lo. In tese times of uncertainty he promissor tolhido me. Palm 91 for henwho duelos in nos Secret place he willncover us with his sinos and his protecionismo is negar. Thanks for yournopen dor and support for the lote of God is incondicionalmente and aliás Ness us. Blessings for the propormos God and our Santos …. Let him be my supre guindando and direction alwaysnproviding for all of us. for notinha is too hArd for Santos.. Amém… All países due to him.

Rusty Lamar

Please pray for my wife Angie, she has dengue after recovering from pneumonia.

Thank you,

Gladys/Rio Grande

Thank you all so much for praying for my father, Nery. They’ve found out what’s wrong with him but he’s still delicate in health. I just want to thank God for bringing my father closer to Him, again, through this illness, though! God is soooooooooooo very good!!!!!! gladys

Carmen Ortiz from La Fe in Juana Diaz

She is in San Lucas Hospital with pulmonary disease. Her family asks for your prayers, specially for Margarita Torres who is mostly affected by this situation. Thank You we believe in the power of prayer and we have witnessed Gods mercy on other prayer requested submitted to the Rock Radios prayer-wall. He is merciful!

Empresario / Miami,Fl

Prosperidad y Liberación de mi Negocio – Petición de Oración
En el nombre de Jesus, quiero pedirles Oración, soy un Empresario que depende de los ingresos de su Negocio y estoy técnicamente en quiebra.
Mi negocio es 100% online, comercializo Productos Financieros para Estados Unidos, Latinoamérica y el Caribe, tengo una experiencia de más de 30 años, pero en los últimos tres años mis ingresos han ido decreciendo.
Tengo urgentes compromisos económicos, necesita de la pronta y milagrosa provisión del Señor.
Agradezco profundamente sus oraciones de intercesión por la Prosperidad de mi Negocio.
Dios les recompense abundantemente.


Petición urgente de Oración
Por favor, quisiera pedirles Oración ante una situación grave y urgente que estoy enfrentando: en la segunda quincena de este mes, tengo Cita en Corte de Inmigración.
Necesito que mi hijo introduzca su solicitud de ciudadanía a tiempo antes de esa fecha.
Necesito Dinero urgente para pagar al Abogado que debe gestionar mi caso.
Necesito que el Abogado se interese en mi caso y me represente eficientemente.
Necesito que mi Deportación sea cancelada
Sigo confiando en Dios y llevo mucho tiempo orando por todo esto.
Dios le pague por sus Oraciones, bendiciones

María de los Ángeles/Cataño

I need a job so I can find where to live with my two sons. Thanks for praying.

Gladys/Rio Grande

pLEASE pray for my father, Nery, he’s very, very sick and VA in NY gave him an appt for Feb. 20!!! His right arm hurts very, very much; he has fluid in his abdomen and bruising there also. Thank you so much

Padre de Familia/Juana Diaz

Gracias por su continuo apoyo y ayuda espiritual, Dios continue bendiciendo a la Roca Radio y a sus colabobradores. Les pido oracion por mi y mi familia, ya que los problemas economicos y de salud me han causado depresion y desesperacion y aun mi esperanzas han fallado, no encuentro soluciones a mi condiciones actuales. Es por ello que me postro ante El Todopoderoso y le suplico misericordia, perdon y ayuda en estos tan terribles momentos de mi vida.y me uno con ustedes en esta oracion. Tambien pido que incluyan a todos mis hermanos Puertoriqueños que estan pasando por las mismas condiciones y que necesitan un milagro de Dios. Muchas Gracias y que Jesucristo los bendiga.

Julyssa / Guaynabo

On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day we join with Christians across the political and social spectrum to pray for protection for the unborn and an end to the scourge of abortion.

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