mil/sta. isabel

I posted a prayer for my niece in Ohio early last year (she had attempted suicide, and after the prayer wall submission she attempted again) months later i discovered as she was in a home for addicts she wanted to be a man (played the part & I forgot the guy name she wanted to be called, i couldn’t call her that name), then her younger sister also attempted suicide because of a boyfriend she had : (. Currently the first sibling is now cleaned up, is attending a local university on what she is GREAT at (Art/drawing), the second sibling which has won several beauty competitions is in now a wonderful dancer & has accomplished her state license to teach dance at a local studio.
Many blessings to all, & thank you for the needed assistance!!!
for any of those in doubt…PRAYER DOES WORK!!! ; )

THANK YOU, God bless all the Prayer warriors, I’m trying to become one as well.
Keep up the Great Job to all listeners & staff, especially those behind the scenes!

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