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Love will cause us to do things we never would do ()

Pastor Cory Casteron
Pastor Cory Casteron, October 18, 2013
From our program "New Horizons."

(New Horizons) Pastor Cory shares a story about a woman who was moved to a superhuman feat by the power of love.

Tags: abundant life fellowship, pastor cory casterton, the look of love is in the air

About Pastor Cory Casteron: Pastor Cory Casterton is the senior pastor at Abundant Fellowship by the Sea, an English-speaking, nondenominational Christian church in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico. Cory is married to his beautiful wife Carmen. For more information on Abundant Life Fellowship, visit their site at or call 787-727-2101. Cory also officiates destination weddings, so if you are looking for a someone to do your wedding in Puerto Rico, give him a look!