My daughter Stephanie, is very emotionally disturb and feels unable to control crying and emotions that overwhelming her. She is in another state and I need an apartment and financial help scent from above. She’s in her twenties and she’s depress, backsliden. I feel deep sadness and her anxiety is becoming too much for her. I know it’s spiritual and don’t want her to do harm to herself. Where she is staying in Texas with her boyfriends brother are feeling oppressed and the brother is demanding much money and wants them to buy much food but they just started work. Please pray God opens a door for them to go back to NYC my daughter needs to see a doctor for her nerves. I am in PR I have recovered from being well but have no resources to go back yet. Please pray my brother gets a buyer for his home in Jesus name so we can all move back. My dad’s meds are extremely expensive here too many please, please pray that the house gets a decent buyer so my brother can go after my dad’s cataract surgery. Stephanie needs peace and Ted pray with me I beg you please. We are all separated I just want us all together. They have no other place to go and I have no money to help. I sent all I had. God bless and for me for discernment, peace and an encounter with Jesus . Amen!

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