My nephews girlfriend, she has been trying to get my brother (unsaved also) grandson taking away from his parents. She has brought the family much grief the child is in counseling but she dislikes the kid and most of our family. May the Lord forgive her and please open my nephews eyes who is now reacting to his young nephew the same way, it is bringing division, she has had problems with everyone, that God would remove her far from us, save her, stop her from trying to hurt everyone she is worldly and uses much substance. For my nephew, for his eyes to be open from this toxic relationship she has hit him, and cut him in the past, he is a bit slow, and she manipulates and starts problems with everyone almost each one of the family. Counselors who helping this young teen from low self esteem and wrong behavior, have counsel us and they are aware and don’t understand why continues to want to harm the family through him. —- was baptized in my church about age 12 please pray he serves the Lord and repents is rebellious now more my nephew seems to not care, and turning against family please pray God delivers him, open his eyes, and more that he Lord touches this woman’s life because she doesn’t stop even not being here. Please I beg you pray, that God removes her from here. My brothers salvation too he not save and has mock me for being a Christian for years. It’s painful, my aged parents in Puerto Rico for safety in Jesus name. Sorry for long post. Bless your Radio Station in NY now. Shalom!

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