For my daughter is very depress, a very young adult, has to be work today to open store and feels very physically sick and now one worker called out. She is very emotionally not well feels God does not care about her, and has desired a personal encounter with him, is suicidal has verbally express that over and over. I had a vision a while back that the enemy had her in a corner and she was shaking a lot calling me over and over. She is confuse and thinks Jesus now is not God from wrong doctrine after because of age is no longer in youth ministry and a fellow youth also, he brought her to a wrong church. Also for my oldest, my gran is 8yrs old, the dad left them both for a younger woman with a young child of her own, and a pastors daughter who lives with them is a friend Valarie that God would touch their lives, he use to play all kinds of instruments in church, parents are Pentecostal he has and addiction problem as well as the other young woman, the pastors daughter too. That God would protect all children, my family as well, For my son deliverance from smoking and healing from eczema and peace to commit more to the Lord. For myself peace, resources for a new apartment for unity of family.

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