My daughter Stephanie for depression, suicidal thoughts in her mid 20″s. Arguing with her boyfriend (living with) has doubts that Jesus is God, desires to “hear” and have a personal encounter with the Lord and praying for years for faith or a more measure of faith and says He has not answer her and that He loves me (mom) more then her. It breaks my heart as I just came back from spending two days with my oldest who is bipolar and my gran she’s 8 her dad Daniel left my daughter for a friend with two younger children. Also for a PK daughter (pastors daughter) friend of the other person, her friend Valarie parents are Pastors and Valarie and the rest need deliverance from drugs (not the children) but I worry for them as I don’t know them. My oldest Desiree says she’s is okay with all of this but she is on and off very depress. Pray God breaks generational curses if any are there. For myself for peace and strength in Jesus name amen.

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