For my daughters Stephanie (young adult) depression, anxiety, feeling no one listens but we do. For her job, she works a lot is tired. She has concerns for my daughter Desiree and my granddaughter who is 8yrs old had stress attacks, her dad left my daughter for her friend with two kids. I don’t think she knows but the back and forth of my daughter to her other grandmother is stressing her and she wants my daughter to be close to her. My oldest Desiree is bipolar for years, my other daughter thinks she is not for God to heal all of us. My family, son for salvation. For a new apartment, finances to be gathered. My brother’s bank things to be done so he can buy a house in NYC so we can all be together but PLEASE remember Stephanie says she wants to die is in her mid 2o’s and wants and encounter with God please for her boyfriend Ted, lost his mom at age 16, for healing and insecurity. God to guide me, revelation and understanding of dreams and visions.

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