My 8 years old granddaughter from stress attacks and my daughter because of broken relationship and father choose to leave for another person and her two very younger children. For those younger children and her friend, whose a pastors daughter who left home also. Two are from Christian ,parents Daniel my grans dad, the girl and her young kids, and the pastors daughter Valarie for all to go back home and God open their eyes serve the Lord not sure the other girl is a believer but was kicked out by parents as I understand. For my daughter is bipolar and having a hard time going back and forth with my granddaughter Madilyn just came back from hospital again, the living condition and going back and forth and my daughter having to leave her there with gran parents because the school is far has been stressing her and my granddaughter. An open door and finances for us to get an affordable apartment I moved from PR to NY three months ago and staying with relatives, For my brother who had to come back also temporary also staying to care for his grandson Allen young kid not doing good in school, rebellious, backslidden its hard for my brother who is constantly struggling from broken family also. Allen did get baptized in water at my former church years back when 11 years old by his own request, he is 14, his mom Denise moving back next month to try to help, his dad has new marriage and he is stress also. His brother who has a bad relationship with an abusive girlfriend who hits him, and has brought division in the family Lauren has caused Allen and the family problems and has told the kid she hates him and other. Let God’s will be done because its too much already, Last my brother turned his house back to the bank that everything is completed so he can buy a house out here where we can all be together as my parents home was sold long ago, and they regretted it but now my parents are aged, my mom has the beginning of Altzheimer but I know God is with us. And praising God for revelation he gives me in dreams about storms coming I saw the Lord to my right side as I saw a storm coming and huge wave and I was impressed to “call upon the name of the Lord” and I lead many people in the dream going my same walking direction to say God, God, God then the Lord appeared Large to my right side in form of a huge cloud it was Jesus’s face He was staring at me, I also heard “tribe” I learn in Hebrew concordance the word meant for tribe is “family”. For God to help me with interpretation, also help from the Holy Spirit with hearing in the spirit also sometimes it’s loud not often. For God’s peace direction we are far from walking distance and I physically cannot travel far because of body pains. Thank you, on laptop following you since I come back the anointing is great and I love your ministry service. God bless Elizabeth.

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