Let us help you promote your church!


Here at The Rock, we consider ourselves to be a helping hand to the church. If there is something going on in your local church, count on us to help you announce it. Conferences, speeches, visiting preachers, fundraisers like plays or bake sales, etc. etc. If it’s happening in your church, we want to announce it! No charge. Just fill out the form below or e-mail your flyer to us at radio@therockradio.org. If it looks like something we could use, we will announce it on the air – or maybe even call you to set up an interview!

We reserve the right to edit and select from submitted announcements.

The Rock Web Team
The Web team of The Rock works in San Juan as well as Juana Díaz to keep this site updated with the latest news, new programs, and other items of interest to our listening community.