How to use TeleBanco Popular

TeleBanco Popular is a fantastic tool to give to CEM, Inc. either one time or to set up recurring payments.  TeleBanco has two big advantages.  First, it is convenient and safe, because it is all done from inside your existing Banco Popular account.  You can just set it and forget it.  Secondly, it helps your donation go farther because it is a free service to use.  There are no fees or transfer limits.

1. Log into your account at Banco Popular.

telebanco-12. When you get inside, you will see the menu to the far left.  Look for the “Add Payees” button and click it.

3. In the box where it says “Search Other Payees” put Calvary Evangelistic Mission.

4. In the box that says “Your Payee billing number” put your Donor Number.  This is important because it allows us to send your tax-deductible receipt at the end of the year.  If you do not have a Donor Number or do not know your Donor Number, please call us at (787) 724-1190 or e-mail us here.

5. Under “Enter Payee nickname” put anything you like.  This will show up on your bank statement.

6. On the menu again, click “Make Payments” to send a payment.  Here you can choose whether to make it a one-time gift or a recurring gift.

Thank you so much for your help with the work at Calvary Evangelistic Mission!  We appreciate your support and promise to use your donation wisely.