Help wanted: Radio Engineer

Job Description
The Rock Radio Network – WBMJ, San Juan • WCGB, Juana Diaz • WIVV, Vieques, Puerto Rico • 787-724-1190 f 787-723-9633

The job of the engineer is to make sure the stations are On-the-Air with the finest quality possible. Must make sure the stations comply with the FCC rules. Needs to know how to work in the five areas of a broadcast station – RF, AF, System control, IT, and Control Room Operation.

1. Keep records, maintenance logs and files on the equipment.
2. Develop policies and procedures for the technical operations.
3. Know the FCC, FAA and other pertinent government laws and make sure the network and towers are in compliance.
4. Design and prepare for construction of new or improved facilities.
5. Research and order parts and supplies. Research new equipment needs and make recommendation to the management.
6. Follow industry technical standards for installation and operation of the equipment.
7. Cooperate with the staff to meet their technical needs.
8. Train the staff in the best use of the equipment.
9. Must be on-call 24/7 for emergencies.
10. Be ready to work a fixed shift as the person in charge of WBMJ, ready to air EAS tests and meet with an FCC agent.
11. Complete other responsibilities that may be assigned by the Radio Department Director.

1. Installation and maintenance of equipment. This includes the:
RF -Transmitters, transmission lines, tuning units, ground systems, satellite dishes, all receivers, Studio-Transmitter Links (STL/TSL) and towers.
AF – The Audio chains from microphones to transmitters.
System Control – The remote control systems: from relay panels to transmitter control.
2. Install and maintain other non-broadcast equipment that relates to Telephone systems, security systems, electrical, and computers.
3. Supervise and keep records on the general maintenance and control of AC generators.
4. Perform measurements such as splatter tests, and field strength readings.
5. Design and build custom equipment.
6. Keep equipment clean and safe.
7. Learn the operation of the on-air computer systems to be able to fill-in in emergencies, or to help with downloading programs, correct timing of on-air automation computer, or program production.
8. Maintain the organization of the tools, parts inventory, and work shop.

IT department:
1. Install programs.
2. Know hardware and build computers.
3. Manage security and authority.
4. Know and design networks and mapping.
5. Manage internet service.
6. Trouble-shoot computers in times of crashes, corruption of files or drives and disappearing operating systems.

*** The Engineering/Technical Assistant is to help the Chief Operator in these tasks.