Help end the thirst for Bibles in Equatorial Guinea

A lady in Equatorial Guinea rejoices as she receives her first Bible of her very own.  (Photo credit: John Jiménez)

A lady in Equatorial Guinea rejoices as she receives her first Bible of her very own. (Photo credit: John Jiménez)

Last year we helped raise 15,000 Spanish Bibles for Equatorial Guinea, and now we’re gearing up to do it again!  Pastor Manuel de Jesús, who traveled there last year to help deliver the Bibles, comments how he saw a thirst for Bibles there that is hard for us to understand unless we see it first hand.  “It was amazing to me that right there [at the port] the officials who saw us open the shipping crate were crowding around asking for Bibles.  ‘Give me one for my family.  Give me one for my daughter’ they would be saying.”

Pastor de Jesús recalls how grateful the people were.  “They would come for miles and miles around just to see a Bible,” he says.  “Some of them would walk for days to be there.”  15,000 Bibles may sound like a lot, but it barely scratches the surface of what is needed. “In one place, they were setting up like a library, so that even if people could not take a Bible and have it with them, they could come and see the Bible there.  They would have lectures and a special place to read the Bible.”  It is hard for us to imagine such a situation, given how common and cheap Bibles are here.  “In Equatorial Guinea, a plain cheap Bible costs about $200 in our money,” Pastor de Jesús explains.  “So for someone who only makes around $600 per year, as people there commonly do, it’s not not an option.”

And why in Spanish?  “Everyone there speaks Spanish,” says Pastor de Jesús.  “Many of them are bilingual or trilingual.  Some speak Fang, Bubi, Igbo, and others.  But everyone speaks Spanish.  They speak a very old Spanish.  For example, you may hear someone say, ‘vosotros robéis’ and they aren’t even quoting the Bible.”  He laughs as he recalls how the children would welcome them.  “You can’t imagine how beautiful it was, how they loved the missionaries.  They would come crowding, twenty at a time, to hug us.”

Biblethon 2015 is happening August 19.  To volunteer, please call (787) 724-1190 or call the Liga Bíblica de Puerto Rico at (787) 269-3155.  To give today, click here.


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