Good-bye to Grecia Sosa

Today is Grecia Sosa's last day at The Rock.

Today is Grecia Sosa’s last day at The Rock.

You’ve heard her take over Kid’s Time for the past three years.  She has brought tons of energy, joy, and humor to that section, as well as other times during the day.  Her creativity launched “Awesome Friday!” which is one of the most popular local programs in the Media Center.  She’s been a regular on Update, Family Prayer Time, and Amigos.  In addition, she was there behind the scenes producing many different programs, from Peter Burgos’ “Jesús la Vid Verdadera” to “Foro Económico” and many others.  Today we say a very fond farewell as Grecia and her husband Waldemar are moving off-Island to pursue opportunities in the United States.

Grecia Sosa first came to us as a volunteer a little over three years ago and quickly became a full staff member.  From the very beginning, she showed talent both on the air and on the technical aspects of what we do here behind the scenes.  From automation and FTP work to producing little shorts and other items, she immediately got to work making The Rock sound even better.  In addition, she had a special talent for getting lots of volunteers to come in and give their time to participate in “Awesome Friday!”  Grecia has a talent for finding biblical lessons in the everyday aspects of life.  She speaks clearly and easily to young people about God, the Bible, healing from hurts, obedience to the Word, and many other topics. Grecia’s faithful service has been hugely appreciated here, and she leaves with our full blessing.  We will miss her greatly.  She has produced enough “Awesome Friday!” episodes to last through December of this year.  Titi Liz will be helming Kids Time from now on.

Pray for the youth of Puerto Rico.  In these hard times many are struggling to find stable financial footing and are also facing the possibility of having to leave Puerto Rico.

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