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“When people say that you can’t ‘argue people into the Kingdom,’ I think what they mean to say is that the Holy Spirit has to be the one to convict somebody, to draw them to Jesus, and of course to have them be born again – which of course is absolutely all true,” says Jason Dennett, Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel of Puerto Rico.  He dropped by the station to promote a special 3-day seminar called Firewall: 10 Amazing Evidences to Prove Christianity.  “But the thing we have to realize is that the Holy Spirit uses ideas.”

Listen to the special interview with Pastor Jason on the seminar.  Story continues after the link.


Pastor Jason believes passionately that preaching the Gospel straight from the Bible and defending it from apologetics – the study of arguments having to do with the historical and scientific accuracy of the Bible, the manuscript quality of biblical manuscripts, among many other areas – goes hand in hand. “Listen, the Gospel is an idea,” he goes on.  “The Gospel is a truth statement.  And so for a person to get saved, you take that idea, bring that to a person, and then they have to decide whether or not to agree with it.”

Pastor Jason notes that apologetics were what opened the door to his decision to embrace Christ.  When he was in the U.S. military, a good friend began opening his mind to the unique claims of the Bible by showing him how historically accurate the Bible is.  “He showed me how the Bible predicted the four empires that would come after Daniel’s death. He showed me how the Bible gives us amazing scientific knowledge that we didn’t even know till the 20th and 21st centuries.  And when the Holy Spirit used him to sweep aside my intellectual objections to the Bible, then He could work on my heart.  Then I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ on a run through El Yunque Rainforest.”

Pastor Jason encourages all Christians to examine the amazing proofs for God’s existence, the Bible’s veracity, and other items for themselves.  “If we say we believe that this Book has all the answers, let’s know how.  And why.”

Fireproof: 10 Amazing Evidences to Prove Christianity starts June 24 at Calvary Chapel of Puerto Rico.  The cost is $15, which includes materials and snacks.  For more information, visit the Information Kiosk at the church in the Los Jardines Shopping Center in Guaynabo or call them at  (787) 720-3308.


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