Fall letter campaign – tell us how The Rock blesses you!

dearA while back, we had a program cancel suddenly on The Rock.  Why?  They said, “We never heard from any listeners.”  That was sad.  People called to protest.  They loved the program, but they had never called or written that ministry to tell them so.  Then we called Turning Point to ask if they would like that slot.  To our surprise, David Jeremiah himself called back!  He mentioned that a listener in Ponce had asked if it would be possible to move his program to the morning hours, and happily accepted the new slot.

Your notes matter!

We are launching a new campaign to get in notes for the fall season.  The fourth quarter of the year is when many ministries and programs make decisions for the next year of programming.  They look at numbers and listener responses.  So your feedback now can make a huge impact on programming decisions.  If something is blessing you, say so!

But there’s another, equally important reason, why your note means so much to us. Your words are a huge encouragement to the staff.  They’re like a warm hug for us here.

Have you ever considered how many people it takes to produce 24 hours of programming per day, 365 days per year?  There are literally hundreds of persons who work faithfully to produce the programming you listen to.  Many of them are volunteers.  Some are in the States and other countries.  Many of them are here in Puerto Rico.  They make time to come to our Santurce or Juana Díaz studios every week, rain or shine.  Many of them have full time jobs on the side, or pastor churches, and use their spare time come in and do the important work of producing a sound Bible teaching program.  Some of them support their airtime financially, and many cannot so The Rock sponsors their time.  Whether a programmer is a big name like David Jeremiah or Charles Stanley, or a local one like Paul Torres or Jason Dennet or Carlos Cruz Moya, they are always blessed by your notes.  And they do read them!

Don’t like e-mail?  Send your note to The Rock Radio Network, PO Box 36700, San Juan PR 00907.

So join our Fall Letter Campaign!  Click the button below to get started.  As always, we promise that we will NOT spam you or sell your information to anyone.


The Rock Web Team
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