Elizabeth – fajardo


Please pray for my daughter Stephanie who was serving the Lord until she was over the age of youth ministry. She was brought into a new churh by a former youth and became confuse with wrong doctrine. She now does not believe Jesus is God, words by her boyfriend who has contributed to her downfall and left puerto rico with him yesterday. He has been giving her cough pills to get high off. She reveled also that she smoked and had been receiving money from an “internet dad” in Canada who she still communicates. There has never been a reason for her to do that, and this “Christian person” has sent her money for clothes. I am terrified. Her boyfriend “Ted” mom died when he was 16 they are both 22 and he blames God for not saving his mom. He recently was hopitalized almost being poison from a pot cigarette given to him, I learned my my oldest daughter this is not the first time this has happen to him. I AM AFRAID FOR MY DAUGHTER. I also dont want him to die but be saved. My daughter tried to commit suicde twice since shes been here, she is NOT the dosal young lady she was AT All. He speaks poison in her life, telling her that her dad does not love her, he is wrong and lost respect for me. His parents brought him up pentecostal his dad is a serious man according to my grandaughters other grandmother. My daughter has been fighting no one wants to tell me what the problem was. She has been acting violent to herself. Please pray God opens her eyes she has a heart murmer I don’t want my daughter to die. I wish this young man well but I don’t want him to destroy my daughter. I told her I loved her and wish them a healthy life. He has a dark humor laughing to the point of a cousins death which I found heartless. I am worry my dad is very worry. I have been a believer for years and I think he is trying to reprogram her, he knows a lot of the word but does not apply it and my daughter looks aweful. She is suffering. Please pray for Stephanie that God removes her away from him, and deliverance for him. He admitted not he is not a Christian now he is saying God has no son, and he started to say that allah was the same God as our God, I told him our God is not the same but a God of peace and love. They walked out, my daughter looked at me as if she despised me and I NEVER knew they had many issues. Help me please, I am desperate for English service but I have no car I don’t want to spiritually die, I listen to your program and I do attend a church her but I feel very disconnected don’t understand the bible study completely which I did take when in New York. I am feeling overwhelm pray that my daughter communicates me. That God opens her eyes she is fornicating and I am so worry for her. Pray for Daniel my other daughter Desirees baby father. Their parents are pentecostal but he fears this young man Ted is going to pull him down as per my daughter, they say he has a dark side in humor and needs a personl “experience” with God. I don’t want my daughter LOST or to die. I don’t want him to die, he says he wants God to show himself to him he wants an experience with God but that God has not done that with him. I don’t know what to do HELP me with your prayer. Pray for my son Michael, to come back to the Lord, Desire my oldest, maddy age 5 goes to church has “seen” the Lord she says and has told me to “Lets call upon the name of the Lord” she is only five to know scriptures she even lead me in prayer once, I was in awe then told me “Grandma whispering..”Jesus is standing there”. I need more grace and peace. I don’t know what God is doing in my life I KNOW this is a spiritual battle please pray for Stepanie- persoanl experience with God not under pills, salvation cut ties from wrong communication to go back to church even if its without him, to stay communicated with her family and that she would call me. I am very sad.
papo7ja@yahoo.com : email I just feel torn. I will pray for you also. Don’t get off air please. My dad Jose and mom Cecilia in 83 both bitter I feel like I am standing alone to get the family back in the right place for our future genration. My brother Jose, son Jamie and Lou need salvation grandson allen 13 please pray for them. Allen got baptized in my former church but going astray. Thank you. I love you all and thank God for you.

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