Eliza / toa baja

(Me again :-)) Listening this morning that mama Ruth is no longer with us, made me sad and it also reminded me of my mother. As I grew up, my mom started listening to the station and she use to tell me about mama Ruth and how she wrote her notes, and when mama Ruth called her and they prayed over the phone. My mom was thankful every time they spoke and every time she wrote to her. She still has the notes… so when I told her earlier the news she cried and told me how she felt she had lost a friend.
Thanks to this station my mom got closer to the Lord. I remember her having the station on all the time in the car. Me being a teenager I thought ‘oh god the station again.’ And now, as i’m older, the station is on most of the time as im driving.
Because of mama Ruth my mom learned many things and my mom taught them to me (and my brother)…so mama Ruth was a blessing to our familiy and we will always be thankful for her and will always remember her.

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