Donor FAQ’s

1. Q. Why does the Donate Online page look a little bit different than the rest of the Website?  Is it safe?  A.  The Donate Online page does look a little different because it is on a special, secure section of our website that is built to keep your information safe and hidden from hackers.  It is built using different technology than the main site.

2. Q. Can I set up recurring payments to Calvary Evangelistic Mission?  A.  Yes!  There are two ways you can set up recurring payments.  You can call Donor Services and give us your credit card information over the phone.  We will be sure to pass that transaction every month until you call us and ask us to stop.  Or you can use the convenient TeleBanco Popular service from your bank account.  Using TeleBanco Popular, you can set up payments on any schedule you choose.  Please be sure to use your Donor Number as your payee billing number.  (More info here.)

3. Q. What is a Donor Number? Why do I need one?  A. Calvary Evangelistic Mission is a IRS-Registered 501 (c) 3 nonprofit.  We need to keep detailed records on every penny that is donated, to be sure it is used properly.  Also, we send you a receipt at the end of the year to use for your tax deduction purposes.

4. Q. How do I get a Donor Number?  A. Easy!  Just call us and ask for a Donor Number and we will give you one.  Or you can give online and we will automatically open a new record in your name and assign you one.  You will see your new Donor Number in the receipt that we send you.

5. Q. What if I have forgotten my Donor Number?  A. No problem!  Just call us or e-mail us and we will be happy to look up your number for you.

6. Q. Is Calvary Evangelistic Mission a reputable organization?  A. CEM has been incorporated and under the same management since 1952.  As an IRS registered 501 (c) 3, we submit to an exhaustive annual audit from the professionals at PriceWaterhouseCoopers.  We have an outside Board of Directors that meets twice per year and goes over every penny of the budget.   Our annual 990 filing is a matter of public record and is available from the United States Internal Revenue Service upon request. We strive to make sure that every dollar is used in the most efficient, God-honoring way possible.  Every penny raised by fundraising goes straight into the ministry and helps pay for electricity, staff costs, website maintenance, etc.  We do not hire outside groups to run fundraising campaigns and NEVER share your donor info with any third parties.