Christ is life!

Brad Holloway, Missionary with the North American Mission Board, and his wife Gina visited our WBMJ studios today.

Brad Holloway, Missionary with the North American Mission Board, and his wife Gina visited our WBMJ studios today.

“To me, Christ is life,” explains Brad Holloway.  “And my job is to share Christ, who is that life, with anyone who needs Him.  Just as He did with the Samaritan lady at the well, to whom He said, ‘If only you knew Who it was Who is talking to you, you would ask Him and He would give you living water.’  That is Who I am offering, who we are offering.”  Brad and his wife Gina are planting an English speaking church in the San Juan Metro Area under the auspices of the North American Mission Board.

“We are not here to talk about rules or regulations,” Brad says.  “Everyone knows that they can try harder, can try to be good.  But that’s not what this Christian walk is.  It is coming to know the One who says, ‘You are loved with an everlasting love.'”

Brad is a retired public school teacher and wrestling coach.  Gina is a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience in the operating room and the ER.  They have moved here from Atlanta, Georgia.  Together, they are bringing a movement called LifeChurch to Puerto Rico.  “There are lots of churches with the name Life Church,” says Brad with a laugh.  “So it’s not a label or a brand.  It is just a picture of what we are coming to do – to share life.  His abundant life.”

As a professional coach, Brad has worked extensively together with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a nondenominational social group for Christian youth.  He is actively seeking volunteer activities where he can help.  If your church, school, or university has a sports program, he would be interested in seeing where he can help out on a volunteer basis.

For the month of June, Brad and Gina are leading a Sunday-morning church service in the chapel at Robinson School in Condado.  They are also reaching out through the Iglesia Bautista Belén, Calle 220, Country Club, in Carolina.  They will be offering free English classes and holding Sunday evening church services at the Carolina facility.  You are welcome to attend their services in either place.  For more information, contact Brad Holloway at (678) 796-5846 or e-mail

We did a special interview with Brad today.  To hear it, click the button below.


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