Anonymous Guaynabo

Hello, great station. It is great to have local programs in English though I do speak some Spanish. I am new to Puerto Rico. My girlfriend and I are exploring God’s will for us to get married or not. Please pray for us as many decisions will have to be made. She has a job here and I am with the US Coast Guard so I may always be re-stationed which of course brings up questions such as where she would want to live and what about children? Etc. We want God’s will for our lives.

Chuck Newby / Georgia Alabama


Giving praise to God for His great provision for me in my life! He continues to go beyond meeting my needs to bless my life so much in a time I was concerned about with major changes and adjustments in my life. Thankful for him and His faithfulness!
You guys are sounding great! Praying with you here! Wish I could be there but I am there in spirit for sure! God bless all!!

Pedro / PR USA


We are considering a missionary trip to go to help in Haiti. I am a doctor but do not practice in various years. Pray for wisdom as I want the Lord to guide us to go now or to go another time. I do not want to be “in the way.” Pray also for my wife who recently lost her son to a motorcycle accident in the States. She is a “good soldier” but I know she is devastate.

Urgent Prayer Request / Miami, FL

Thanks God for his Mercy!
I want to testify and give thanks to God, because he heard the prayers and the immigration court granted me the postponement of my appointment at court.
I still thanking your prayers for speedy naturalization of my son, the cancellation of my deportation and the most urgent now… abundant and enough money to afford all this process.
God pay you for your prayers.

Gladys/Rio Grande

Thank you all so much for praying for my father, Nery. They’ve found out what’s wrong with him but he’s still delicate in health. I just want to thank God for bringing my father closer to Him, again, through this illness, though! God is soooooooooooo very good!!!!!! gladys

mil/sta. isabel

I posted a prayer for my niece in Ohio early last year (she had attempted suicide, and after the prayer wall submission she attempted again) months later i discovered as she was in a home for addicts she wanted to be a man (played the part & I forgot the guy name she wanted to be called, i couldn’t call her that name), then her younger sister also attempted suicide because of a boyfriend she had : (. Currently the first sibling is now cleaned up, is attending a local university on what she is GREAT at (Art/drawing), the second sibling which has won several beauty competitions is in now a wonderful dancer & has accomplished her state license to teach dance at a local studio.
Many blessings to all, & thank you for the needed assistance!!!
for any of those in doubt…PRAYER DOES WORK!!! ; )

THANK YOU, God bless all the Prayer warriors, I’m trying to become one as well.
Keep up the Great Job to all listeners & staff, especially those behind the scenes!
XOXOXOXOX….. grande

I want to thank God and all of you for praying for Kaarlo, my son’s father in law. Everyone in the hospital thought he came in for a heart transplant, his heart was so wasted, but God intervened!!!! He is leaving the hospital soon, he’s probably in the house already! The open heart surgery went well, praise God!!!


Yay GOD!!! today i made my first donation to the Rock, in compiance with my faith promise of $42.00 a month for the year.
today I did April ! HOOAH!
God has been so good to me and the Rock has been awsome. Bless you all today and every day.

Gladys/Rio Grande

God bless you all. I asked for prayer earlier this week for my sis in law Nancy, praise God, she has only 1 tube left in her neck, she can speak and get up, and, she wants to go home and not do what she was doing before! This is a miracle because she usually doesn’t care about anything since she got into drugs, God is marvelous!!!!!!!!!

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