“El Engaño del Cannábis” – programa especial este jueves

Este programa sale en vivo los jueves a las 6 PM en La Roca. Para escuchar programas anteriores, oprima en el imagen.

Este programa sale en vivo los jueves a las 6 PM en La Roca.  Para escuchar programas pasados, oprime en el imagen de arriba.

Los pastores Roberto Bonilla y Elizabeth Cintrón quieren anunciar que este jueves, 30 de marzo, se va a estar tocando el tema muy caliente del cannábis medicinal en su programa “Unidos y Preparados” a las 6 PM en vivo por aquí por La Roca.  Tendrán de invitado al
Dr. Israel Figueroa director administrativo del Hogar Crea bajo el tema “El Engaño del Cannábis.”

El Dr. Figueroa estará de deponiendo este martes en unas vistas sobre el cannabis medicinal y su impacto social en Puerto Rico.  No se pierde este programa tan importante este jueves a las 6 PM en directo desde nuestros estudios en San Juan.  Se pueden escuchar por WBMJ AM-1190 San Juan, WIVV AM-1370 Vieques, WCGB AM-1060 Juana Díaz/Ponce/Guayama o por la aplicación móvil de La Roca (WBMJ Rock en su tienda de aplicaciones móviles) o por aquí en TheRockRadio.org.

Para escuchar todos los programas anteriores, le invitamos a que pase por la página de Unidos y Preparados accediendo el imagen de arriba.

‘Twas the Night before Jesus Came

ruth-luttrell-calvary-evangelistic-missionRuth Luttrell had a beloved tradition: Every year on Christmas Eve, she would share a special poem based on “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”  Called “‘Twas the Night Before Jesus Came,” it is a stirring challenge to accept Jesus Christ as the best gift of all.  Since Ruth went to be with the Lord in 2014, listeners have called to ask whether we had a copy of this special poem in her voice.  Yes, we do!  Here in an archive tape from 2001, we present a recording of Ruth together with Coppelia Acevedo Gándara.  We pray that this poem is a blessing to you.  Share it with that person in your life who may celebrate Christ’s first coming without considering that He is coming again soon!

Or click here to download the file and share it with a friend.

Escuela de Padres Cristiana “Semillas con Propósito”

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Si interesas información sobre la Escuela de Padres Cristiana “Semillas con Propósito” y los cursos gratuitos que se ofrecerán para enseñar a ejercer una paternidad saludable, te invitamos a la 2da Reunión de Orientación el próximo sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2016 a celebrarse en nuestra Iglesia Adoradores de Cristo ubicada en la Ave. Glasgow 1854 Urb. College Park en San Juan, PR a las 9:30AM (para preguntas puede comunicarse al teléfono 787-765-4399).

Saving Sonlights in Puerto Rico

(L-R) Jeff Cherok, JoAnn Medina, Loraine Rivera, and Joe Ramos of Sonlights of Puerto Rico visited our WBMJ studios today.

(L-R) Jeff Cherok, JoAnn Medina, Loraine Rivera, and Joe Ramos of Sonlights of Puerto Rico visited our WBMJ studios today.

“We’re asking you to remember what it felt like as you came down off that mountain,” says Jeff Cherok, of Sonlights of Puerto Rico, speaking about the Walk to Emmaus retreats that have been held in Puerto Rico for more than 20 years.  “We’re asking you to look back into what it meant for you, and to see how you can help keep that going for other believers.”  Today, Sonlights in Puerto Rico, the organization that holds the annual Walk to Emmaus spiritual retreats in English, is in trouble.  “We really only have 6 active people in the organization, and we must have a quorum of 12 to operate,” Jeff explains.  “And when you don’t even have 12 people to serve on the board, you certainly don’t have enough people to put on a whole Walk to Emmaus.”

There will be a meeting at Second Union Church in Guaynabo on Wednesday, August 10, at 7 PM where the Emmaus Walk organization from the US will have representatives to gauge interest and decide the future of Sonlights.  “Basically, there are three alternatives,” explains Jeff.  “One, we can show enough interest and we continue to operate. Two, there is enough interest for an English walk but not enough to exist as a separate entity, and they roll us into Emmaus de Puerto Rico.  Three, they decide to disband us altogether.”

Listen to the special interview.  (Story continues below.)


JoAnn Medina, Jeff’s wife, notes that the Emmaus Walk was instrumental in saving their marriage.  “We need to save Sonlights because we have a message of discipleship and growth,” she says.  “We need to preserve this uniquely powerful ministry for all the believers, no matter where they are on their journey.”

Pastor Joe Ramos, who helped to organize Sonlights of Puerto Rico over 20 years ago, agrees.  “We were several of us who went to an Emmaus Walk in the state of Arkansas.  Then we said, ‘This must be shared.  This must be brought to Puerto Rico.’  So we got together and we formed Sonlights.”  He says that as a pastor, he believes firmly that Emmaus is the best discipleship program out there.  “Show me any discipleship program that gets the same results, that is better – and we’ll stop talking about Emmaus and do that one.  I have been through many discipleship programs, looked at many more.  This is the best, most efficient, most cost effective program out there.”  He also shares that God used Emmaus to bring him into the ministry.  “I was a businessman,” he says.  “And people started talking to me about going into ministry.  I was like, ‘God, I don’t want to do that.  You have to deal with people!’  But through Emmaus, I learned how to be a servant, and then I received a call to the church.”  Pastor Joe continues working both as a businessman and as a pastor of Palmas Community Church in Humacao.

If you are interested in continuing the important work of Sonlights of Puerto Rico, please come to Second Union Church in Guaynabo on Wednesday, August 10, at 7 PM.  Also, please signal your interest by calling Jeff at (939) 940-8891 or e-mailing sonlightsfuture@gmail.com.

The new Media Center

We are launching the all-new Media Center.  This new system is easier to navigate and works better on all devices.  The old Media Center still exists for archives of older programs, so click on the Classic Media Center link above to access older content.

In addition, you can download the app for iPhone and Android phones.  For more information on the app, click here.


Big news! Mobile app now available

Just search "WBMJ Rock" in the mobile app store of your device (Android or iPhone).

Just search “WBMJ Rock” in the mobile app store of your device (Android or iPhone).

We’re excited to announce that the WBMJ/Rock Radio Network mobile app is now available for both Android and iPhone.  You can stream our live programming, catch up with your favorite programs in the Media Center, cast the stream to your car radio using Bluetooth, download programs for offline listening, sign up for free Bible lessons, and more.  We are busy migrating over the whole Media Center to the app, so stay tuned as we add more and more programs to it – including all new programs that are special to the app.

How to get it?  Just open the app store on your Android or Apple mobile device and search “WBMJ Rock.”  Be sure to select the one that is marked as our official app.  If you would like to receive a text every now and then with updated information, accept that.  If not, just go ahead and reject the request.

And when you fast


“When we fast for spiritual reasons, when we fast unto the Lord, it is not done separate from prayer,” says Pastor Paul Torres of Christian Community Church in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.  “This concept of fasting, is one where we have intimacy with God, for that separate time, whether it be a day, or seven days, or a week, that it be dedicated unto the Lord – just you and Him.  And that He is enough.”

Pastor Paul has been in a challenging topical series about prayer and the Christian walk in the last five weeks of “Daily Manna Weekend” here on The Rock (Sundays at 11:30 AM). He started last month by examining the Lord’s Prayer and what it means for our lives.  He showed us how Jesus models the true spirit of prayer.  Then he looked at the connection between worship and prayer, both in our personal and church lives.  Now, he is showing us how fasting, as used by believers in the Old and New Testament and even including Jesus Christ, is an integral part of the “toolbox” we use to draw near to God.

“There is a right way to fast,” Pastor Paul tells us.  “And there is a wrong way to do it.  Like anything else, Satan always wants to get involved.  He tries to take something holy and blessed that God has given us, and twist it for his purposes.  Jesus addressed this when He accused the Pharisees of being hypocrites when they fasted.  Fasting is not about the outward show, it is about the inward relationship.”  He says that fasting can also be used corporately, for example to bring our nation to repentance and restoration.

To hear the whole series, click the image below.  Los mismos mensajes también están disponibles en español en el programa Maná Diario.


Firewall: Learn to defend your faith!


“When people say that you can’t ‘argue people into the Kingdom,’ I think what they mean to say is that the Holy Spirit has to be the one to convict somebody, to draw them to Jesus, and of course to have them be born again – which of course is absolutely all true,” says Jason Dennett, Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel of Puerto Rico.  He dropped by the station to promote a special 3-day seminar called Firewall: 10 Amazing Evidences to Prove Christianity.  “But the thing we have to realize is that the Holy Spirit uses ideas.”

Listen to the special interview with Pastor Jason on the seminar.  Story continues after the link.


Pastor Jason believes passionately that preaching the Gospel straight from the Bible and defending it from apologetics – the study of arguments having to do with the historical and scientific accuracy of the Bible, the manuscript quality of biblical manuscripts, among many other areas – goes hand in hand. “Listen, the Gospel is an idea,” he goes on.  “The Gospel is a truth statement.  And so for a person to get saved, you take that idea, bring that to a person, and then they have to decide whether or not to agree with it.”

Pastor Jason notes that apologetics were what opened the door to his decision to embrace Christ.  When he was in the U.S. military, a good friend began opening his mind to the unique claims of the Bible by showing him how historically accurate the Bible is.  “He showed me how the Bible predicted the four empires that would come after Daniel’s death. He showed me how the Bible gives us amazing scientific knowledge that we didn’t even know till the 20th and 21st centuries.  And when the Holy Spirit used him to sweep aside my intellectual objections to the Bible, then He could work on my heart.  Then I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ on a run through El Yunque Rainforest.”

Pastor Jason encourages all Christians to examine the amazing proofs for God’s existence, the Bible’s veracity, and other items for themselves.  “If we say we believe that this Book has all the answers, let’s know how.  And why.”

Fireproof: 10 Amazing Evidences to Prove Christianity starts June 24 at Calvary Chapel of Puerto Rico.  The cost is $15, which includes materials and snacks.  For more information, visit the Information Kiosk at the church in the Los Jardines Shopping Center in Guaynabo or call them at  (787) 720-3308.


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