Norma rodriquez


Deceo que me ayuden a orar por mi vida Espiritual. Quiero poder esforsarme mas en la oracion. anhelo que el Espiritu Santo me enseñe a orar en la voluntad Del padre. a veces pienso que de verdad no se orar y quiero aprender. quiero dedicar mi vida al servicio del Señor. please Help me pray for that. thank you so much.

enrique / florida

damos gracias por la mision de la emisora, ya que desde que me la presentaron he aprendido tanto de la palabra y sigo aprendiendo … asi que sigan haciendo el buen trabajo del Señor, Dios le bendiga.
me apena decirle que estoy pasando por un momento dificir y pido oracion que El Señor me de fortaleza … se que El se glorificara

Carmen de Toa baja

I’ve been listening to The Rock for about 2 yrs and have learned many things. I also congregate and take Bible lessons I still have may doubts about what I read in the Bible. I know that it’s a process and not everyone advances in the ways of the Lord equally. Please pray that I persevere that I can become a true child of God.


Just want to share how the LORD has answered prayer. I requested WBMJ staff to pray for my son in law to find a job. That was a few months ago. A couple of small things came up but finally, thanks to the good Lord, he found a permanent job. We are so thrilled, at the way HE hears and answers, in HIS own time. Thank you at The Rock Radio Network for standing by us with your prayers. May the LORD JESUS continue to bless your ministry and each one of you and your families.


Anonymous / Toa Baja


I had already made my faith promise for the year 2016 yesterday morning. Today, I had been feeling compelled during the day to bring another faith offering to The Rock Radio station and drove there after going by the bank to get some money. As I was driving I heard the brothers and sisters in the radio station putting up $20 dollar bills in the table. Then I knew I had to bring those $20 dollar bills I had to the table.

When I got to the station I was received as if I was another one of the brothers and sisters set to help. It was kind of funny that no one was expecting me to make a donation. But as it is, we finally cleared that up and I told them that I wanted to place my offering in the table with the others and they actually allowed me to do so.

Dalan asked me how much I was placing and I showed him my two index fingers (because I was afraid to speak and be heard on the air… even though there was a music break at the time). I felt very happy about this opportunity God had given me to share what he gave me.

Then, this afternoon as I went to the mailbox to check what had arrived for the day I found a check for ten times the amount I had given! GLORY BE TO GOD!! I had not been expecting that check to come in, In fact I had written it off since it was something from 2012!

God is faithful!


Joyce, Christiansted, St. Croix

I am asking for prayers to assist my sister Barbara in her job search. She is blessed with many good talents and skills that need to be given the opportunity to do the will of God. I know that when two or more are gathered in prayer that god hears our petitions. thank you rock radio, your station is a daily blessing in my life.

Urgent Prayer Request

Gracias a Dios por su Misericordia!
Quiero testificar y dar gracias a Dios, ya que oyó las oraciones y la Corte de Inmigración me concedió el aplazamiento de mi Cita en Corte.
Sigo agradeciéndoles sus oraciones por la pronta naturalización de mi hijo, la cancelación de mi Deportación y lo más urgente ahora…el dinero suficiente y abundante para costear todo este proceso.
Dios le pague por sus oraciones.

Altagracia / Puerto Rico

I want to say thank you to the Lord for my son who find a job last week. He was unemploy for most of last years and lost his house and his car, but not his faith or his family. We pray that God will continue showing “GRACE AND ALL MIGHTY FAVOR!” in this times so difficult. And for our Government to have wisdom in the debt.

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