Anonymous / Toa Baja


I had already made my faith promise for the year 2016 yesterday morning. Today, I had been feeling compelled during the day to bring another faith offering to The Rock Radio station and drove there after going by the bank to get some money. As I was driving I heard the brothers and sisters in the radio station putting up $20 dollar bills in the table. Then I knew I had to bring those $20 dollar bills I had to the table.

When I got to the station I was received as if I was another one of the brothers and sisters set to help. It was kind of funny that no one was expecting me to make a donation. But as it is, we finally cleared that up and I told them that I wanted to place my offering in the table with the others and they actually allowed me to do so.

Dalan asked me how much I was placing and I showed him my two index fingers (because I was afraid to speak and be heard on the air… even though there was a music break at the time). I felt very happy about this opportunity God had given me to share what he gave me.

Then, this afternoon as I went to the mailbox to check what had arrived for the day I found a check for ten times the amount I had given! GLORY BE TO GOD!! I had not been expecting that check to come in, In fact I had written it off since it was something from 2012!

God is faithful!


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