And when you fast


“When we fast for spiritual reasons, when we fast unto the Lord, it is not done separate from prayer,” says Pastor Paul Torres of Christian Community Church in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.  “This concept of fasting, is one where we have intimacy with God, for that separate time, whether it be a day, or seven days, or a week, that it be dedicated unto the Lord – just you and Him.  And that He is enough.”

Pastor Paul has been in a challenging topical series about prayer and the Christian walk in the last five weeks of “Daily Manna Weekend” here on The Rock (Sundays at 11:30 AM). He started last month by examining the Lord’s Prayer and what it means for our lives.  He showed us how Jesus models the true spirit of prayer.  Then he looked at the connection between worship and prayer, both in our personal and church lives.  Now, he is showing us how fasting, as used by believers in the Old and New Testament and even including Jesus Christ, is an integral part of the “toolbox” we use to draw near to God.

“There is a right way to fast,” Pastor Paul tells us.  “And there is a wrong way to do it.  Like anything else, Satan always wants to get involved.  He tries to take something holy and blessed that God has given us, and twist it for his purposes.  Jesus addressed this when He accused the Pharisees of being hypocrites when they fasted.  Fasting is not about the outward show, it is about the inward relationship.”  He says that fasting can also be used corporately, for example to bring our nation to repentance and restoration.

To hear the whole series, click the image below.  Los mismos mensajes también están disponibles en español en el programa Maná Diario.


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